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  1. Reiner and his team formed, three years ago, the Corona Committee to investigate the scam. Taking evidence from 150 experts world-wide they planned to find a legal system that was not corrupt to take on the case. https://bestnewshere.com/dr-reiner-fuellmichs-new-statement-regarding-the-current-situation-and-the-bombshell-news/
  2. https://www.bitchute.com/video/LonVNyG8Q035/ The very excellent Dr David Martin spells it out at Eu conference - 20 mins
  3. https://www.onenewspage.com/video/20230107/15304146/Dr-Reiner-Fuellmich-and-Pascal-Najadi-Criminal.htm Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich and the guest who has started a criminal case against the Swiss Gov over bio-weapon injections. very reassuring.
  4. https://rumble.com/v1qzwme-anna-de-buisseret.-the-awakening-conference-2.-partition-the-king-lord-lieu.html
  5. (For none-UK members) The UK 'government has declared a National Emergency due to two days of coming hot weather. In UK, domestic bins are pushed to perimeter of property and then emptied weekly by the local Council. One Council has emailed people to say that the refuse collection will start an hour early - sensible - it then caused great hilarity by saying the the operatives will have/be supplied with sun-cream, hats and water !! One resident has commented that he didn't know that ten-year old boys were emptying his bins. About four years ago, we had weeks of very high temperatures, ( 85-95degress) most grass across the country went orange/brown, plants had to be hidden to survive etc. No 'emergency' was called. Many theories abound as to what lies at the bottom of this Nanny UK behaviour - are they trying to show that a collapsing 'government' cares about citizens - is it a useful focus on the 'climate change' farce, is it an attempt to avoid unwanted patients for the collapsing National Health Service?? If the UK 'government' would show concern about their complicity with an illegally conducted medical experiment that has lead to deaths and disability, we may be impressed.
  6. THE NEXT SCAM?? Below is a copy of the insert in AstraZeneca jabs. Saturday's UK Daily Mail followed orders and reported that '20 people in UK had developed it and that 'vax' were available'. As the saying goes 'you couldn't make it up'. Undoubtedly, many sleepers will now be looking out for symptoms, and soon there will be a 'test' for it. We hear of many people who took the latest CV 'test' , received a 'positive' result and then sat at home for a week with no symptoms. I know of one person who re-decorated the dining- room as he wasn't allowed back to work!! Fortunately, many are having fun with 'monkey measles' on various social media - and that is a good response.
  7. Does the phantom exist or does it not exist?? There has always been one sure way of proving this - offer biological samples in the usual way to universities and correct-grade laboratories. End of questioning and support for the scam. Across the entire planet, no-one has been able to acquire a sample from the relevant 'government' sections. It is usual for qualified organisations/people to acquire a sample of any pathogen that is currently circulating in order to study it. Not one single person or organisation has HAD A REPLY to their request. How much more proof of a (failed) scam do we need????
  8. https://rumble.com/vu5e9x-grand-jury-the-court-of-public-opinion-dr.-reiner-fuellmichs-opening-statem.html?fbclid=IwAR3KPPs_RxLYfKm7VuNvnhGnOaTF9oiog4azwmul8r_vFeWYHKYm896ruIo I understand that some people are disappointed because the case is not (yet) in the criminal court. The approach taken is to avoid the corruption in the German judicial system. Apparently Anna De Buisseret, UK lawyer with a team who filed a case in the High Court, London last November,, has 'resigned' due to attacks on social media. She is a retired army officer and senior lawyer - sounds odd??
  9. https://odysee.com/@scienceisforsale:1/-Mandatory-Vaccination---International-Law--interview-with-UK's-Senior-Lawyer-Anna-de-Buisseret-(The-Richie-Allen-Show):f This is from last November, but content is applicable now.
  10. In our new understanding of who and what we are, we will find out what 'viruses' are. 'Living with Covid' sounds like a panicked excuse for crimes against humanity - it won't work. Influenzas have long bothered humans - currently there are two types going the rounds Type A and Type B, plus the usual colds and respiratory infections - a lot of the latter being caused by mask wearing. Nevertheless, due to hypnotic programming, sufferers of those are claiming to have had 'CV19'. This is keeping the scam and myth in place without any investigation as to seeking the evidence for 'CV19' for which thee is none. A reminder of the long history of influenza - high temperature, body aches and pains, fatigue, loss of taste and smell, sneezing, coughing, and more. A week to ten days in bed, a few more days sitting on a chair/couch, slow return to normal, possibly with shaky legs and loss of energy. Possible reduced sense of smell/taste continuing. Common results of a strong influenza moving through a college/school staff - staff and students off for one to two weeks, classes doubled up or cancelled due to sick staff, exams and assessments postponed and lots more. All that without closing the college, town, country, world.!
  11. There is a suggestion around that the deliberate plant of the story about the criminals Xmas Party last year, is to ensure the public fighting back if they suddenly call a lockdown for this Xmas. That will allow them to use more force to contain it. If this suggested possibility can be transmitted as widely as possible, they may be discouraged as we know their plan. (ever the optimist) However, they see the legal cases approaching them. they must be desperate to avoid Doris or anyone else being placed in court/military tribunal ordered to show evidence of the 'virus', as none exists they face the end.
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