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  1. https://www.bitchute.com/search/?query= reiner fuellmich&kind=video&sort=new
  2. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/michael-o-039-bernicia-pcp-update-treason-amp-justice-make-of-this-what-you-will_CnO7Yv8YUffsB92.html
  3. There is a 'threat' of Doris and The Perps attempting another LDN in October - possible excuse is a 'fire-wall'. Such a 'fire-wall' could be constructed of fog, or possibly smoke and mirrors, in its desperation to find something to block out!! Can we expect some legal counter-measures before then to block more malfeasance in public office ???
  4. To assist us all, please be aware that any plans to 'introduce' variants in the Autumn will require full public disclosure of all testing carried on on any 'variant'. This will include isolation, purification, identification, peer review and full reports of all lab. work undertaken. Whilst on the subject - please supply all of the above for the 'CV19' pathogen
  5. A team of medical and other experts Dr Buttar, Dr Markovitz, Sasha Stone and more discuss the way forward. Legally targeting the CEO's of all companies involved in crimes against humanity, vax developers, WHO etc . Reiner Fuellmich (not present at this meeting) has stated that all doctors and other staff involved in the poison -programme have to be legally charged. https://www.bitchute.com/embed/Gpz6uJpIImeX/
  6. A very short, but good explanation from a Doctor of how the poisons enter and then affect the heart. https://rumble.com/vjuhch-canadian-doctor-62-of-patients-vaccinated-for-covid-have-permanent-heart-da.html?mref=6zof&mc=dgip3&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=HealthImpactNews&ep=2
  7. SCIENTIFIC PROOF THAT JABS ARE MASS POISONING. PROPERLY CONDUCTED TESTING. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/scientific-proof-covid-injections-are-mass-poisoning_kpMQmL9FrfF91w6.html
  8. What interesting (and revealing) posts on this page ! Has there been any authentic research into the background of this group of international lawyers who are fighting on our behalf?? Any authentic research into the framework of the case and into those who are involved in it? Any authentic research into the hundreds of privately funded legal cases against the UK government?? Or is it easier to attempt to demolish the resistance of hundreds of qualified and expert people who at least are working to take down the dark matrix that has previously interfered with this planet, instead of acquiescing and planting seeds of doubt??
  9. https://www.bitchute.com/video/g1TJTDJZLVYi/ This interview by Reiner Fuellmich, who is leading the class action in Germany against the 'pandemic', features a young, dedicated investigative journalist who knits together the spider's web of who and what is culpable in the Crimes Against Humanity. Stunning and very detailed.
  10. https://www.covid19assembly.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Letter-to-Sir-Simon-Stevens.pdf This brave young man made a video explaining why he had resigned from his career, it went viral so the NHS/Gov went after him. He is taking legal action - the letter from his lawyers is in the video.
  11. This has been studied by those who have the background to know what the normal presentation would be, and it is declared a fake. It was good for causing fear and so providing a bit of lunch for the entities who need it.
  12. Excellent suggestions ! Yes, that might (have been) one of their plans, but like a lot of other desperate measures, the bonfire is awaiting!
  13. https://podcasts.podinstall.com/delingpole-delingpod-james-delingpole-podcast/202105240428-dr-reiner-fuellmich.html Deeply impressive explanation of the plan to create justice for humanity. No less !!
  14. Those with the skills of remote viewing have noticed that there is a blue-print to remove the current perps from 'government' as an apparent 'the public have won' scam. But the replacements will be more focussed in serving the dark plan, this will not be apparent to start with and a false sense of relief will be created in the public as they feel they have achieved a victory. NOT SO. Hancock is just the first off the stage, let the perps know we have spotted their dark ruse.
  15. Unless the criminals have changed it, and the 'emergency powers' do not do that, no adult can be forced to take any medical treatment or procedure against their will. Every adult can sign themselves out of any hospital -there might be exceptions such as very serious infectious diseases - yellow fever, smallpox, etc. I suggest the poster books a free half- hour appointment with a solicitor - most practises offer that. Or possibly try Citizens Advice - they used to have a volunteer lawyer in once a week. Stand up to bullying by a supposed 'caring'; profession. If you can afford it, take the lawyer with you to remove your mum from hospital. I heard of someone doing just that a few weeks ago, it worked like a dream
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