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  1. 8 hours ago, Ethel said:

    This is lies. The ruse is actually fairly simple; they are creating the scenario through the power of suggestion and then trying to make it seem like it is happening organically.


    This person says that since the scamdemic, cash use is down 40% and is still falling - how do we know this though? He is lying. I see people using cash regularly, I see people queuing at cash machines regularly. 


    Supermarkets are in on the plan, they are gradually reducing the number of self service tills using cash and with that being the case, many people will then use a card for convenience. It's like cutting someone's hands off and then pointing out that they can't play piano. Fucking crazy-making assholes.


    The PTB are trying to make it sounds like hardly anyone is using cash any more and that hardly anyone wants to and it simply isn't true. It's being done through the power of suggestion, i.e. "if everyone else is using contactless I suppose I'd better do it too". The banks are orchestrating this whole thing because they want to end cash use altogether and have us all working from contactless or whatever other electronic payment method they have lined up after that; probably microchipped population. Over my fucking dead body I'll have a microchip or tattoo. 


    It's the arrogance of them - like they can just decide to make a society cashless and nobody should be given the choice any more! These people have no idea what freedom is, and even if they did, they'd despise it.



    well,it's called social programing,people see that as random unfolding of the society and they don't see round table of the satanists who are pulling all the "random moves"

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