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  1. 1 minute ago, myhero said:

    i can do nothing about it one way or another - but i'm in favour of the planet earth surviving


    i'm somewhat amused that from all that i wrote you picked that one word to comment on

    because that one word has more weight than the rest of your post and says a lot about you......


    you think humans are something bad,very bad....

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Basket Case said:


    How about an obvious title but one not using any 'key (trigger) words'..? 

    It would be a great challenge to get it under the radar and onto Yewtube..  :0)

    (as well as Bitchute and BNT) 

    i think it would be good to make a a time lapes or somerhing similar of politician statments 

    you know from the start of the plandemic,14 days flattening ect. and here we are a year and half later with a no free travel 

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  3. https://www.independent.com/2021/02/18/santa-barbara-coroner-concludes-anti-vaxxer-brandy-vaughan-died-of-natural-causes/


    "According to the Coroner’s report, Vaughan died of bilateral pulmonary thromboembolus, otherwise known as a blood clot in an artery. Emergency medical responders tried to revive Vaughan after her 9-year-old son discovered her body, but without success.


    "Police investigators determined there was no sign of foul play, but due to Vaughan’s high profile in the anti-vaccination movement, Coroner’s officials opted to give her death more careful scrutiny to head off the potential proliferation of conspiracy theories. Her remains were subjected to an autopsy, an in-depth panel of toxicology screenings, interviews,” and a review of her medical record."

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