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  1. On 9/17/2022 at 12:30 PM, webtrekker said:

    I think the work of Dr Judy Wood, R.I.P, is of paramount importance when trying to determine the reasons behind the pulverisation (not collapse!) of the towers. It should be the basis of everyone's reasoning and below I have provided a link to her book 'Where Did The Towers Go?' I make no excuses for posting this link. If you want to buy the book then feel free, but I think it's information that should be available in the public domain and not just to people with £50 to spare.


    [Click image to download PDF, or use the link below] The book contains many pages (around 550 I think) so is best viewed in Adobe Reader and not through your browser.






    If you're stuck for time and want a quick summary then see her website - http://www.drjudywood.com/wp/


    Her old website is here and provides much of the information that is used in her book. Well worth a look.







    it is a long time that i had read and watched info that Nikola Tesla is responsible for the Tunguska explosion

    from NY.....

    maybe it was dis info 

    it is the most powerfull toll they have and the best way to hide your actions 

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