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  1. what exactly from DI books have convinced you to think it's evil symbol
  2. Can I play with madness?
    The prophet stared at his crystal ball
    Can I play with madness?
    There's no vision there at all
    Can I play with madness?
    The prophet looked at me and laughed at me (ha ha) He said:
    Can I play with madness?
    He said you're blind, too blind to see

  3. i think they don't even know what are they saying,doing......their manager just points them to go with the current trends and you can bet some of those mangers are members of some fucked up secret society
  4. i would say "your mother is your sister" let them figure it out
  5. they want this kind of content shared,if you know what i mean....propaganda is a powerfull tool and i don't support moron filming it,he should jump on the cop.....fuck him to
  6. ok we will come up with something ME
  7. same as how do i know if your judgment is sound....trust is two way street
  8. because those threads would be buried by trolls with constant opening of new threads.....
  9. wrong @alexa,thr car guy would also looking in his phone
  10. nobody can top her,nobody.....
  11. At what point does all of this stuff just break down and become just a lot of stupid shit that somebody made up? They fuckin' made it up, folks, it's make-believe! It's make-believe

    1. DarianF


      Miss you George

  12. anyone who wants to know what is realy going on......
  13. Heeding The Call, one and for all
    Never surrender, with glory we'll fall
    Brothers unite, let's stand up and fight
    Fulfilling our fate, we are
    Heeding The Call

  14. i think we are waaaaayy past the hiding point....totalitarian,faschist goverments,police and the nwo agenda are on the open.....sceptics are bamboozled don't know what to think....
  15. https://davidicke.com/2021/03/03/dolly-parton-promotes-the-fake-vaccine-she-helped-to-fund-and-calls-those-who-refuse-cowards-no-ms-parton-the-cowards-are-the-ones-that-have-it-in-fear-of-not-having-it-those-with-courage-and/
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