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  1. gardenig and epstein....how the hell did you maneged to put the two together ?
  2. @Finder you sound like troll,are you one?
  3. i think that "true" members are just happy for the new forum?
  4. only if it is for members ,if will be aimed at mods to then NO?
  5. i can understand that,but what you should understand is that David Icke forum is on CONSTAN attack,literaly and how would trolls/agents used this options is frightening to me
  6. no to this one to.... we can discus the amount of likes but no unlimted. maybe as your reputation grows your number of max likes grows with it to some limit
  7. no way, one hour max and that's it i can't imagine what would trolls do with that option....
  8. yes ,whole forum was deleted you can find the thread here on this temporay version
  9. i agree but still think that first are by mentioned group,you know just in case.... we must not let common sense to step in first,people might wake up
  10. while the masses will follow, i still atribute these comments to the trolls/agents the psychological war is on the move again the marionethes of the cult are obidient all the way covid concerns while the police are running over people with cars...... when will the masses understand??
  11. now that is argument,very profound ? ofcourse it is,otherwise you would all be wrong
  12. Mod note i cleaned up the thread(i think lol),some posts lost a bit of context but in general context i think it is ok
  13. he could do what ever he wanted ie delete the forum.... i don't understand i see no benefit for the hacker to hack members acc(he can't do anything) it is much easyer to just register
  14. Jaymie had admin acc, his acc was hacked and the rest you know
  15. i mentioned him because metak asked for "evidence" i am yet to take a his side,just not sure... as with all SSP talk.....
  16. admins can if they wish.....if Garteh did such thing(delete) PMs he would let you know
  17. described by Ickes as alternative media network with yearly subscription more on the link https://www.ickonic.com/Account/Register
  18. THE COSMIC SECRET 2019 FULL VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/jZlnMj7dlLZU/
  19. the forum is in this state/version because there is alot of troll/agents acc so another attack is not out of the question it will full operational when the time is right note this is my opinion,not a passed info
  20. Mod note any member who promotes padeohilia will be banned,instant the ever present inversion of truth used as tactic which is hidden behind free speach will not work on this forum ?
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