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  1. https://shop.davidicke.com/product-category/live-shows/ maybe there will be more.....
  2. or maybe is psy op,so when the good ones try to help humanity,we will attack them because of fear that was put in the population
  3. i find that article funny.....if ET will attack earth looking officialy we are fucked,unless they revele the tech from the black projects ect. however the constant mentioning of invasion tell me there is more to this, it is not a random make up nonsense,psy op if you will maybe they will used invasion(fake or real) to justify hiding tech all those decades
  4. that's easy.....oceans do not exsist,they are fake as is universe.... ect.
  5. that is only partly true imo because officially ?queen is here for the benefit of the people
  6. Tyranny one tiny step at the time - how ideology,group identity and collective guilt destroy societiys ?
  7. well to yout defence,he does't think that and we here like the truth ? (well most of us) ?
  8. they are all spherical,FE is psy op....but you know this it is energy and focus distraction any recorded curvature(by camera) is atributed to the distortion by lense.....LMAO!!! even the pictures with the drawn red line which should represent a flat horizon has curvature but agenda is agenda and is pushed,by orders or stupidity it doesn't matter(maybe a bit ti us in conspiracy community)
  9. no way.....he is there to create chaos with "his"stupid comments.....they would throw out a perfect tool imo
  10. the line "black lifes matters" is everywhere,EVERYWERE,on every platform,every celebrity says it,very company says it......only two words comes to mind pland and orderd.......tell me again that the cabal doesn't exists
  11. it looks strane but when you think about it is what the elit does all the time throught out history contradictions,inversions and repetitions are main tools in manipulation church is "peacefull organisation" ......yes with a dieing man as a main simboly telling one thing while doing the opposite and thus the kneeling posture as a symbol to remember Floyd,a posture which led to his death,posture which was shared by every media..... and now it is in the heads of the masses,cemented,dumbing down and programing people it is psy manipulation plain friking simple
  12. well he was posting about q and something big about to happend when that didn't happend he just stopped posting
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