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  1. yes it does... just started his book "synchronicity key" maybe he just bite the bait in the q thing
  2. have you heard of a hacker Gary McKinnon (aka Solo) he hacked NASAs computers and "saw" excel tabel of space officers and ranks,file named Solar warden black ops yes,shadow goverment or a goverment within goverment yes SSP as oz is saying....no imo
  3. AJ used conspiracys to gain credibility so he can advertise trump as good guy,when in fact they are nothing more that a controld opposition i find it very strange that you (oz) don't see that
  4. yes if you want to control society,you need to control both sides.....in this case goverments forces and the "opposed rebels"(just a few of them) and the rest will follow remeber ordo ab chaos if chaos is involved you know who are the engeniers of the situation
  5. that is quite nice propaganda for the tech transhumanism,i must admit,sometimes the elite has a very good style ?
  6. it is a quote from a russian(i think) scientist from the book "who built the moon"
  7. letter or not.... the new or "back up forum" will be ready when Gareth and rest of the team feel it will work(be safer) i'm pretty sure we don't know all the facts and all the attacks which are/where happening so it is logical it needs time to get back to "old state" not to mention people have lifes and there just isn't enough time for everything.....
  8. you went OT so i make another thread (you keep twisting the facts) you never had a good reputation in my eyes which was comfirmed by your action of accusing me of censorship when i posted a "mod note".... it was a little wtf moment but things fell in place quickly.....
  9. well with the current knowledge(sciences) the best explanation is "the best explanation for the moon is that it doesn't exist"
  10. i lost intrest in his work when he started to support q thing.... i'm on the fence when he is in question and the whole SSP whistleblowing,well it's kind a hollow...
  11. @very_452001 still waiting some answers come on ask your boss a premission to reply
  12. i can only share expirience from my country we had all kind of BS covid meassures (which were anounced through media) but in reality it was never intense or serious as the media reported /told...... i can only guess about Greece so i'll stop here FYI if i had a chance i wouldn't miss it...
  13. ???? good one man,good one it's a cover from music album
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