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  1. a looting mob would never set up "autonomus zone", the would go looting,smashing,hating ect. it is another evidence that it is planed,the whole thing....along with the one that is coverd on every media....
  2. well that is bulletproof evidence.....lol which brings me to this
  3. never heard of ,but from kissinger you can expect anything and i mean anything
  4. not gona happen,the elite is just milking a cow using situation/s in every possible way to spread fear,to capture the attention and create chaos physical,psychological and ofcoures to do evere present predictive programing for the NWO plans
  5. https://shop.davidicke.com/product-category/live-shows/ maybe there will be more.....
  6. or maybe is psy op,so when the good ones try to help humanity,we will attack them because of fear that was put in the population
  7. i find that article funny.....if ET will attack earth looking officialy we are fucked,unless they revele the tech from the black projects ect. however the constant mentioning of invasion tell me there is more to this, it is not a random make up nonsense,psy op if you will maybe they will used invasion(fake or real) to justify hiding tech all those decades
  8. that's easy.....oceans do not exsist,they are fake as is universe.... ect.
  9. that is only partly true imo because officially ?queen is here for the benefit of the people
  10. Tyranny one tiny step at the time - how ideology,group identity and collective guilt destroy societiys ?
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