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  1. are we going through this again TG!???
  2. Just remember, somewhere, a little Chinese girl is warming up with your max.

  3. Mod note clean up a bit,please keep it clean,respectful and on topic
  4. it was not my intention to derail your thread.....i see it like this hope is first step(but passive),will is second.... i see no reason for you to not continue with the thread...
  5. hats always work,just look at the religions
  6. why do you say that??
  7. Senca "when you have given up hope,i will teach you will"
  8. you could put that as a part of the tactic of reducing the resistance in general.... fear as tool works only if you put constant pressure and if you do that constantly,well people might get enough and then....well we will see
  9. Mod note(i'm late but it's the best i can do) please don't take the discussion to the personal level and stick to the topic of nonexisting virus and killers vaccines (ups that came out wrong.....or not )
  10. "after covid sceptics death" ...... if ther is a chance to bulid up a fear,they will use it,the slightest one will suit the goal....
  11. because the whole thing is psychological war,and there is very little psychologicaly in realising the real virus.... the real thing could switch the mob in survival mod and then the elite would lose control.... the only way they can control society is through psyche because they are outnubered.....
  12. imo because ordinary people will have a hard time to understand a psyop, so i see no fault to call it out for what it is at the surface.....a violence which is ok because it supports a state case
  13. since when army deals with rioters.....ah never mind i think i know
  14. and if it's true,will you came back and say sorry....can i guess!!!!
  15. Mod note please stick to the topic
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