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  1. why was this necessary,so i replay another OT post?.....what is your goal oz... if you don't like it,leave
  2. yes but plan is plan and needs a push to be reached.....and social engeneering is a big tool in that push
  3. someone asked/told him him(think youtube) that he has to terminate his work,contact ect. with David or his acc will be banned
  4. everything that is on elites list of tools for the agenda of the nwo will be "good" for fighting all the "evil" acording to them have any of you seen who propaganda videos on ytb,ups i mean commercials i mean fuck them.....
  5. you ment "blocked" it is a software generated action....
  6. symbolism shows that theybare part or in serve to the same powers.....not that it's fake you should know that TG
  7. no, what you did is take a irrfutabale evidence as fake so you can continue your push of fe,for what ever reason
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