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  1. here's a working link of his last stream he shook the gaming comunity with the force of 1000 guns.....way to go DOC!!!
  2. well GR with streamers it is hard to now they need attention and often "provoke" so the can boost up numbers(views ect) i guess he thought he was big and strong enough to "survive" that kind of statment this is his second bann
  3. all of his audience are kids,or most of it are..... he is the bigest star in gaming world and he sent message to them..... oh and also twitch.tv is ownd by amazano(or part of it)
  4. where would internet be without some fart jokes
  5. this coment is like the one under the porn clip "who is she,i'm asking for a friend " ?
  6. i agree imo those civilization/s were interstellar civilizations.....they were aware of the universe and tryed to explor it as much as possible mars was inhabited in the past,for me question is was mars and earth were inhabited simultaneously or did mars people fle to earth when mars was destroyed and how did they get to mars,probably from some constelation that are mentioned in all the myths,legends,teachings ect.
  7. or someone payed the tax and now it's all good
  8. maybe greta went back to school.....you know she missed most of it while she was saving the world....
  9. i'm not familiar with his work,but i think it is like that Oscar Wilde quote "patriotisam is the virtue of the vicious one"(i'm paraphrasing) which is also put out of context in the above line how i understand AS quote first you need to build your self up as person,physicaly,mental and spiritual and the you can "adopt" societys norms but when the time comes you have the capacity to question any of them and discard them as you wish....even if it is your nationality you say "i wont be manipulated with it,what you are doing is wrong and you are hidding it behind nationality" i can't remeber exact quote but it is something like this... "all wars were fought becaouse of the obidience" those people(both sides) were manipulated by their goverments on the baisis of their love for the country/nationality so when i see a mob waving flags(before the election lets say) i don't want be part of it and this is where AS quote fits for me.... boosting pride without intelect and spirituality is very dangerous thing(again history is my evidence imo)
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