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  1. can i expect you will clean up their mess, or you will say i not happy posting here.... i really don't have anithing more to say ok.... i'm sorry i accused you(if that means anything) i'm not interested in chating
  2. full album plus instrumentsl versions of the songs.... night driving comes to mind.....
  3. ask him would he wanted me to be removed from moding I'll wait your reply/action from Gareth
  4. i don't belive that....in fact i know ?
  5. no....which doesn't mean you shouldn't talk to Gareth you raise the question so you decide look the acc(it is from 2019) and read the posts(4 if i'm corect) "does DI approves buying second hand books? come on ink it is troling.....i have no respect for that kind of behaviour,not after the attack
  6. no talk to Gareth so he can remove me....
  7. they were previously baned members(probably like you to) so when they crossed the line it is a bann especialy after the attack.....
  8. i see it now.....there is a big push on digital platforms all around my first impresion is more chaos, and conditiong people to self censorship in general
  9. He uncovered himself when he went FE way,and now is using the truth to gain simpathy for trump....a con man
  10. he told a policeman on the street "ok,you are now free to go" ??
  11. and to me is derailing the topic by a flath earther......hm?
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