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  1. well he was posting about q and something big about to happend when that didn't happend he just stopped posting
  2. Mod note since when this is fe thread
  3. we are without covid death for a week now,officialy but the minister still on tv says it's not time to declare the end of plandemic....oh no,no it will be a long summer for you in UK,me thinks
  4. nothing it's planed,the script was written some time ago....and it is roled out step by step you can only get outcome you wish if you control both sides every revolution in history is proof of this
  5. or bow to the masters.....take your pick
  6. yes,but the horrifying thing is there is no microrganism.....? only psychilogical war on the perception and mind of the people and there are days after all these years when i'm just baffeld,suprised....
  7. i'll watch it if guest is interesting(Bob Lazar was my last watch) but most of his guest won't "rock the boat" so it's like regular TV,most of the time
  8. you brought argument in a fairly chearfull,positive thread along with GR(nothing new) and after all the BS this forum had/have so i have my suspicions,yes i have seen this tactic to many times,
  9. that statement gets more evidence every day.... here
  10. it is strange because his stand up comedy part of life was good,i like it a lot i guess money played his magic along with rogans ego
  11. i did,hence my question....time will tell
  12. FF or a real,one fact is clear we(humans) really like violence,infact we don't know anything else i mean we really don't....and once again George Carlin is relevant,while the universe exists he will be ?
  13. gardenig and epstein....how the hell did you maneged to put the two together ?
  14. @Finder you sound like troll,are you one?
  15. i think that "true" members are just happy for the new forum?
  16. only if it is for members ,if will be aimed at mods to then NO?
  17. i can understand that,but what you should understand is that David Icke forum is on CONSTAN attack,literaly and how would trolls/agents used this options is frightening to me
  18. no to this one to.... we can discus the amount of likes but no unlimted. maybe as your reputation grows your number of max likes grows with it to some limit
  19. no way, one hour max and that's it i can't imagine what would trolls do with that option....
  20. yes ,whole forum was deleted you can find the thread here on this temporay version
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