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  1. i never said god,said churches it is like saying politicians represent justice,good for the people ect.
  2. Mod note i clean up some of the ot stuff, please stick to the topic
  3. another institution under the elite pushing their agenda....it is not interested in truth,just the maintaining and expanding their institution/influence
  4. tried to edit get the ubiquitous mesage "blocked....."
  5. no at first....but they are part of the pyramid so we can say yes.... well we (people) are making decisions... those looters are not possesed ,they are brainwashed and some of them are paid
  6. well if you are chatolic ,one can undetstand why would thay say that "knowledge" is demonic?
  7. that is their essence,you think the elite owns them so the public can be informed.....think again
  8. a looting mob would never set up "autonomus zone", the would go looting,smashing,hating ect. it is another evidence that it is planed,the whole thing....along with the one that is coverd on every media....
  9. well that is bulletproof evidence.....lol which brings me to this
  10. never heard of ,but from kissinger you can expect anything and i mean anything
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