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  1. i don't know,Gareth hasn't say anything or i missed it
  2. he doesn't go beyond secret rulers so if aliens are not your thing he is the man to go to(well on of) radio spots free to share
  3. i agree on the part about confusion(but that suits them all the time ) if you say that corona is a flu/cold i agree but if you go with official narrative you are wrong.....
  4. as was on the hacked forum....i'll kick of with a few classics
  5. ok..... let's say that is the truth,what can he do,what would be his "secret" mission....??? Icke is not like him because he talks to him.... but many people who would never step to this forum watch LR which is a good thing last time i look,no??
  6. it doesn't matter,the question is why did the goverments "take" a common cold and make a plandemic/scandemic out of it.... if you can't comprehend that, ask your superior ti clarify to you clearly you are on need to basis
  7. and also would you take the vaccine london fake ......asking out of the curiosity
  8. http://web.archive.org/web/20150917081335/http://forum.davidicke.com/index.php the best we can do for now....
  9. out of curiosity,what you do with them....
  10. everything....seriously more important is that you are ready to wake up.....then you will realise there are different paths to take which all lead to same "source"
  11. He also urged british fans not to attend British GP....officialy it is not allowed they are afraid of people geting together and confronting the scandemic
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