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  1. that would be for me ......"how aware of the plandemic you would be if your TV/other mediea were turned off"
  2. Mod note i moved football posts in dedicated thread
  3. i think it would be good to make a a time lapes or somerhing similar of politician statments you know from the start of the plandemic,14 days flattening ect. and here we are a year and half later with a no free travel
  4. https://www.independent.com/2021/02/18/santa-barbara-coroner-concludes-anti-vaxxer-brandy-vaughan-died-of-natural-causes/ "According to the Coroner’s report, Vaughan died of bilateral pulmonary thromboembolus, otherwise known as a blood clot in an artery. Emergency medical responders tried to revive Vaughan after her 9-year-old son discovered her body, but without success. "Police investigators determined there was no sign of foul play, but due to Vaughan’s high profile in the anti-vaccination movement, Coroner’s officials opted to give her death more careful scrutiny to head off the potential proliferation of conspiracy theories. Her remains were subjected to an autopsy, an in-depth panel of toxicology screenings, interviews,” and a review of her medical record."
  5. hardly true,i think they just got the opposing orders,imo then again elite wants us to think that they are everywhere and all powerfull hence all the simbolism
  6. all part of the psychological war call covid....how masses don't realise this i don't know(today is one of those days )
  7. you are contradicting your self,covid is rebranded flu and those millions of workers are in fear of consequences if they tell the truth...... constant suppression of the truth or if you wish "the opposing views" is the best proof society came a long way ,so they needed to push it back,pump up inflations.....
  8. all of them are,but media exposure of BJ is like in trump era(trump this trump ,that ect.).... now is BJ this, BJ that.....there was trump and world leaders now it's BJ and world leaders i guess it is easier to get into human mind with focus on one person(like in religions) fucking social engineering
  9. media is pushing BoJo at every opportunity,trying to make a new trump out of him???
  10. a bit contradictory..... than again do what you want 'cos a pirate is free
  11. music,hobys focus on yourself oh and also....
  12. yes controled oposition to discredit the real people who are telling the truth
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