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  1. 2 minutes ago, DaleP said:

    What you believe, manifest.

    Your statement is true within your own knowledge/level.

    In another words, imo, you are doing a disservice to the community by closing the door before it has a chance.

    Your thinking is a result of operating from a lower level frequency. If you raise your vibration, you will begin to see more options.



    but that doesn't change the fact,that psychos,satanists are in charge and have done very sinister shit to the population


    if you want someone to teach how to run first they have to know how to walk!!

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  2. 7 hours ago, alexa said:


    But why would they do this ? :classic_unsure:

    well imo a few reasons


    if it's all BS, you,me,someone wasted time


    if it's real ,the story leaves the impresion that they are all powerful(generaly speaking)


    shaping the mind of the people(paintig us as crazys ect.)


    or earth is hollow but not as we say,then it's diversion of the truth(in the end)


    myths,legends and stories were the tools to transfer knowledge to the next generations 

    when they are literal and when they are figurative is the key 

  3. i guess he showed where his line is with that interview with netanyahu

    (not his firat time to talk in that tone)


    how or why ,i think it's a bit more complicated  then to say he is just one of them....maybe he is


    i did question my self why he is alowed to stay on social platforms after massive increase in followings and big positive response to his saying in general


    now i see that all this events are part of mind programing masses to reject everything,even if it's true


    humans are beings who accept role models,need heros and when that goes wrong(expecation are not met,reputation ect.) they lose will(hope if you like it)


    and the opossition kicks in.....


    as long as there are two poles,the true rule makers are sadisfied....

  4. 1 hour ago, peter said:


    Yes I remember when I was young and fit ,now when I look in the mirror in the morning for a split second I think shit who's that.

    I was talking to the lady down the road who is in her late 70's  the topic of old age came up and she said when you look in the mirror don't let the old bastard in , simple

    Prophetic words of wisdom

    i read recently somwhere


    "the idea is to die young ,as late as possible"

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