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  1. they have to say it otherwise we would be right because the masses accepts what the authorities says to them if the TV was off,noone whould know about plandemic just as noone saw all the overcrowded,run over medical centers....it was and is fear propaganda lies,lies,lies
  2. he probably had far more then one test,so i would also say it's worth considering.....
  3. ofcourse it isn't....it's propaganda i have about 4 billion years of proof
  4. because that one word has more weight than the rest of your post and says a lot about you...... you think humans are something bad,very bad....
  5. I've lived in filth I've lived in sin
    And I still smell cleaner than the shit you're in

  6. they won't mess with a food,it's to dangerous for the elite masses could go berserk,controled chaos is the only think that works for them.....
  7. empty buzz words ,necessary for the plandemic to continue to exists
  8. almost every goverment in this shity society..... oh and you are contradicting your self in this thread
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