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  1. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/20737-covid-19-may-be-caused-by-graphene-oxide-introduced-by-several-ways-into-the-body/&tab=comments#comment-294770 here you go.....and welcome to forum
  2. i think they new that all along,that's why they "release" the internet how the electromagnetic radiation will affect human body and the psychological effects of it and how they can manipulate the societys when all the media is controled by the same force
  3. Mod note don't turn this thread into another covid one imo the subject is exellent so please stick to the topic
  4. as far as i can remember HAARP is officially closed....
  5. imo becuse those who say those things are doing their work,it's called propaganda and it's pushed to keep people stupid and ignorant so they never can reach their full potential and higher awareness
  6. man "a weekend" , i had longer hangover oh it's horrific but lasted two days
  7. You stick a needle in your arm
    You bite the dust, you buy the farm

  8. it's an interview but worth to watch,how dictionary are made ,how words are used to decive you
  9. one could argue that we already live in one i had fight with my parents about the jab, so if i had fight with my closest ones nobody will jab me,and no restiction will make me to take the vacc. when i see those idiots in dark suits saying "i'm iresponsible blabla" all i can think of is fuck that hypocrite
  10. Mod note can you please keep on topic,thnx
  11. it's fucking cartoon.... but give credit where credit is due it's a fucking new level of brain wasing imagine all the macho man who had to approve this a cartoon for military recruitment.....gtfo
  12. hi, please search the forum, it's been talked about already
  13. saw it a few weeks ago,i relay enjoy it(from a conspiracy perspective)
  14. akhasic records? i read that "electricity" is one way to go it was one of the piramids purpouse "turning man into gods" Tesla talked how he just "gets' his ideas and that there is a core of all knowledge tha human can acces and the night he was born there was a big thunderstorm Graham Hancock also talks about "waking up" dna and human brain
  15. this whole story is fishy,after his death there is a possibility of of some secret data base ect.... in today's push of censorship,i have my doubts
  16. a new virus with flu like symptoms right at the beginning (more or less) of the flu season and it's from china LMAO!!!
  17. ok,imo if it's "no' then the all rush and push "save the lives" has hidden and sinister agenada
  18. it's called hierarchy and fear..... now tell me do you belive goverments are here for the benefit of the people simple yes/no will do
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