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  1. i will not take it,that's it.....it's propaganda,fear mongering to push people to take the jab
  2. it already has been discused a few times.... and the number(of likes in 24h)won't be changed,for various reasons,mainly conspiracy ones
  3. Mod note seriously people in a cat thread,in a friking cat thread....please stick to the topic anyone who lives in house and has a cat knows it's imposible to keep it inside
  4. propaganda,don't fall for it all of that kind of videos are propaganda
  5. the sole fact that they announce any person has tested positve revels the whole propaganda....
  6. what is black national anthem?? did they just make that up now or is it older....wtf
  7. part of me thinks it is a tester,they use him to see how many people are listening to him and thus ensure they steps of furthering agenda are the corect ones other reasons they control him, you control the situation if you control both sides (if i'm corect he pushed "virus from china narrative??) so people hear what they want to hear a bit of truth and reason, thus the elite "ensure" both versions are heard and by that softening the rebelion in people one other reason i can think of is confusion....this whole scam is based on confusion and contradicting informations
  8. Fighting, fighting, fighting the world
    I've been fighting the world
    Fighting, fighting, fighting the world
    I've been fighting

  9. because that's the plan,an agenda this society never was pland to be peaceful,prosperous,united as species...
  10. "You wouldn't know it, from some of the things I've said over the years, but I like people... I do... " 😈

  11. Heineken is not a real bear....as far as i can remember (and i doubt that they have improved in era where everything is "downgraded"
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