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  1. it's your natural state,we have been conditioned into current state.....so why not!!!
  2. whah is all the fuss about.....before the "No time to die" was relesed there was rumors a new bond will be a female
  3. also it would be good for you to adress the famous PM chat
  4. free markering for the word "covid" ,oh and also a fear mongering
  5. and how they positioned them,aligned them,make them last 20k years,how they amplify energy....ect.
  6. @Liberty your last post is here,split it so this doesn't get derailed
  7. https://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/ just ask for the people in the dark room with funy and strange symbols
  8. always the sameold tactic.....but Geoegy knows
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