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  1. i think we are waaaaayy past the hiding point....totalitarian,faschist goverments,police and the nwo agenda are on the open.....sceptics are bamboozled don't know what to think....
  2. https://davidicke.com/2021/03/03/dolly-parton-promotes-the-fake-vaccine-she-helped-to-fund-and-calls-those-who-refuse-cowards-no-ms-parton-the-cowards-are-the-ones-that-have-it-in-fear-of-not-having-it-those-with-courage-and/
  3. same here,well we don't have royals but they are/will keeping the lie alive untli the 2021 winter....i'm pretty sure the numbers of positive cases will start to go up from....lets say september (they need a bit time to come up with a name for the "new" strain)
  4. one can think whatever he/she wishes,but there is no arguing about that,i can't tell are they more creepy with a smile or with a "serious" face
  5. maybe that is a goal,you can never know for sure..... confusion is always welcome for the rulers
  6. Take a chance on the edge of life
    Just like all the rest
    I look inside and dig it out
    Cause there's no points for second best

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