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  1. 15 minutes ago, Gremmels said:

    otherwise, really the only people who are watching are the same people, his fan base/followers.

    or otherwise people who are realy interested will take the effort and watch it 


    11 minutes ago, Gremmels said:

    you can support someone without agreeing with

    that's what i said.....

    "without agreeing" and "not genuine" is not the same 

  2. 7 minutes ago, Gremmels said:

    But I guess we should just be like cult members and not criticize David. 

    you don't suppory anybody by criticizing,and you can "be" how ever you like or want 


    what you'r doing is using the usual "tools" 

    to discredit the D.I.


    you can disagree with more or less what he says/does


    but to say 

    1 hour ago, Gremmels said:

    This makes me question how genuine he actually is.


    reveals your goal....

    we seen it here many times,to many 


    "i have books,subscription but he's not geniune" just doesn't add up,simple as that 


    when DI talk on LR it wasn't good because the BR was/is a shill ect.


    a round and a round it goes!!!

  3. 12 minutes ago, Gremmels said:

    I’m a member of Ickonic & have bought many of David’s books so I’m not opposed to paying but the fact he’s charging for this rubs me the wrong way.

    If this information is so vital and needs to reach as many people as possible then why charge? If anything is more important than money would this not be it? 

    This makes me question how genuine he actually is. Maybe he just is in it for the money like everyone else. I’ve been very disillusioned lately. 

    and yes, I know people have to make a living. Which is why I’ve supported David by buying his books and being a member of his website but this comes off as motivated by greed. Especially when so many people are suffering now

    you are contradicting your self in every other sentence......


    which makes me question your intentions

    go figure 


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