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  1. many videos have it,even the photos which FE crowd posts have it,they just pretend it's not there and for videos they say it's fish eye lens round and a round it goes and we stop at psyop ,to discredit conspiracys people and along they way take some of your free time and energy
  2. alone agains all 

  3. Mod note not another "fake this fake that" debate
  4. i would say it's fake,i'll guess you'll have to go to twatter a see for your self
  5. Oh, I hear you say
    That is the way of the world
    No, hear what I say
    I wanna do so much in my way

  6. i don't believe i will post this but here it goes cover
  7. Stronger than a mountain of steel
    Faster than hell on wheels
    We've got, we've got all the power we need
    Let's build a playground on this old battlefield


    (time for reposting)

  8. it was the plan from the start,to push back the society and the depopulation along the way a lot of people who i know are saying things were just right before the plandemic decent living ect. we come a long way with high tech which has become cheap/ish,more people have become independable and have more free time free time,feeling good people start to hang out and talk ect.(maybe even about conspiracies) they needed to stop all of that!!!
  9. and he did his bit by spending money on gambling and hookers
  10. no,they are not wearing so the plandemic can get more space on the news,just boosting up the advertising of the whole "crisis"
  11. until

    he's not my idol,that's your conclusion you are here just to derail the thread like i said a round and a round it goes( with a negative accent put when ever it's possible) @Gremmels
  12. until

    or otherwise people who are realy interested will take the effort and watch it that's what i said..... "without agreeing" and "not genuine" is not the same
  13. until

    you don't suppory anybody by criticizing,and you can "be" how ever you like or want what you'r doing is using the usual "tools" to discredit the D.I. you can disagree with more or less what he says/does but to say reveals your goal.... we seen it here many times,to many "i have books,subscription but he's not geniune" just doesn't add up,simple as that when DI talk on LR it wasn't good because the BR was/is a shill ect. a round and a round it goes!!!
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