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  1. i don't do mining crypto is part of the NWO and the covid farse was brought in to destroy cash and to make online,credit card more popular (i just hope this don't derail the thread) i don't know if it's to late,but i do think it's worth a try(just so you can be prepared for whatever they come up with next!!!
  2. like i said "trolls" will do what is needed to satisfy the norm and will move to the agenda.... the easiest way to stop this is not to get involved in discussion,just report OT content
  3. even more so,all they need to do is post an "article" on some web portal(all of them are controlled )....and that's it and even if someone discovers it's fake they made their impact ......with the sheeps scanning those sites all the time
  4. i think it's a mocking thing,inversion if you like.....
  5. "And now I wait my whole lifetime for you
    And now I wait my whole lifetime for you
    I ride the dirt, I ride the tide for you
    I search the outside, search inside for you"

  6. i don't think so.....when they come here with an inttention,they will act as good and then go to spam the forum
  7. it is a legal issue....which can't be solved as far as i know
  8. so you consider the situation in India real and not propaganda ?
  9. they could call it what ever they wanted...why chouse draco word to full conspiracy community,why? i would thouht that a man who sleeps two hours has a more important things to do as the scientists who design the thing now we will end up on the ubiquitous "coincidence" or it was named by the constellation
  10. all sodas,energy drinks(most of them) have low pH value and most big companys "juices" have a lot of sugar (just like coca cola)
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