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  1. those plans were put on a paper long time ago and can only be put into place if the "two sides" are in conflict ideologies and polrising opinios by the "high individuals" are the main tools to divide it's nothing new ,just the terminology is different oh i agree they are highly inteligent and educated individuals
  2. simple for one claim create the opposite one then engage the trolls to try manipulate the minds of the people and along the way disrupt real discusions
  3. well look at this way....they will always say the truth is dangerous
  4. gold,pure gold.... https://www.instagram.com/reel/CmTujXiPsHQ/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  5. if it was up to me i would titled the video "Uppsala Run"(i'm an idiot,i know 🤷)



  6. not a long video,but it gets to the bottom of the truth
  7. as opposed to what? " did someone cracked the dome of the FE"?!!! feeding the psyop
  8. yap that's a man, nowere near pretty as george soros,but it's man
  9. the flat earthers would still,stick to the FE story.....i wonder why?!!!!
  10. Mod note unlocked, please stick to the topic and be respectful
  11. who then attacked Poland? your claim is inacurate at the surface and in line with the woke BS of today,no?
  12. ok but that doesn't change the fact,that psychos,satanists are in charge and have done very sinister shit to the population if you want someone to teach how to run first they have to know how to walk!!
  13. my life time friend is like that....i can deal with it if it's some stranger, i don't waste my energy
  14. well imo a few reasons if it's all BS, you,me,someone wasted time if it's real ,the story leaves the impresion that they are all powerful(generaly speaking) shaping the mind of the people(paintig us as crazys ect.) or earth is hollow but not as we say,then it's diversion of the truth(in the end) myths,legends and stories were the tools to transfer knowledge to the next generations when they are literal and when they are figurative is the key
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