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  1. yes they are but i don't care and i won't back down
  2. just another antiwax propaganda and looks like PC is part of it...
  3. There's a tattooed symbol underneath my sleeve
    An iron glove over a hand of steel
    You can't touch me
    Don't touch me

  4. i think they are trying to label the protests as "theirs" so that the ever negative conspiracy people(a lot of them) "expose" them and thus sending a message there is no resistance and there is no point to fight the whole plandemic is psychological warfare from start i think a lot of countries have far more jabbed people than they are reporting so the plandemic can continue and above all to show and advertise goverment as ultimate ,don't question them,they can't do wrong anything and "you" must obey to the authority masks above many others,have one purpouse a symbol for shut up,do as told,submit... it's a war on the mind that we are helpless,weak.....
  5. no, i asked you to clarify your opinion because your posts in this thread had that kind od "vibe" along with the OP why then you are calling out Ickes,i don't understand Ickes are there to speak their minds why are you equling,comparing them and their work with the oposition should they miss the oportunity to speak publicly just because there are some fishy speakers in the rally? a veteran in conspiracies(like you) should know better...... does a life time work should be discarded because of one/few different views( this isn't the case here,i'm asking in general)
  6. that means that we are all pro covid because we live in countries that push plandemic or that i 'm a satanist,cannibal,devil ect. beacuse i love heavy metal now i wait for their reply
  7. this also goes for the OP,a simple yes or no will be sufficient (from the two "researchers") @JOHN ŌVERKILL
  8. Are you saying David is zionist and what zionists arguments did you find in DI speach ?
  9. ok,i'll pass it up and get back here when i got some info....
  10. can you be more specific?
  11. hi yes,opening a topic that already exists is consider spam and since the "trolls" are very presistent in theirs intentions/missions mods delete those kind of content
  12. Mod note please no discusion here,thank you
  13. Twitch is under elite control imo,just like facebook,youtube google ect. the case of drDisrespect was conformation for me young ones are way more important to the elites and their programing is aimed to them and what better tool to use then the "digital world" not sure about this one but Soros has invested in (i think)Activison some big bucks a few years ago it's no coincidence that games like COD have a free "versions" in this globalist,corporative times
  14. i guess it would be harder(for us) when you see through their propaganda but i still think "being streamer" is good job,especialy if you make a living out of it....
  15. deception and inversion are the tools/tactics how the elite runs this society.... so it's expected that the A.I. will be advertised as superior and at the same time dangerous but all for the "benefit" of the humans and the society meanwhile people are working longer hours for less ect. jesss it's like all has been planed
  16. propaganda,to put people in fear just like when the whole plandemic was launched "people droping like flys" ect. just show them the finger,i can understand that it's hard for some people......but it's that simple the main goals of the plandemic is to destroy economy and turn people on each other key is unity,hence THE CONSTANT PRESSURE on the society with all the rules/restrictions
  17. tell me does the rest of his work is worthless,should be all of that rejected also goes for JP now before you ignore me,i'll say i see paterns.....
  18. imo the problem is they are not selling to to "us" it's the youngsters that are the target....
  19. i will not take it,that's it.....it's propaganda,fear mongering to push people to take the jab
  20. it already has been discused a few times.... and the number(of likes in 24h)won't be changed,for various reasons,mainly conspiracy ones
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