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  1. nothing to belive....you can see it on all sorts of videos,.....ah wait?!!!
  2. under lock until FE bs is removed/moved
  3. your choice.... but in this thread you can post one link one post
  4. well there was a fire,so it could be they recorded the fire,smoke.....
  5. you can't, you can be "banned" if you wish,by a moderator
  6. imo there is no question about cycle that transforms the earth(surface?).... the questions are what is time gap,where are we now and why is it kept hidden imo one more evidence(hiding) that the earth is infact a farm for archons
  7. this message needs an update "This video has been removed for not supporting censorship,not pushing the nwo agenda and it is not in line with the rest of fascist guidelines of youtube's terms of service"
  8. Mod note stick to the topic,no discussion here please
  9. ^^ fear mongering propaganda .....don't buy into it they are saying all kind of things just to keep the thing alive......when will masses see through their bullshit summer,it's 30+°C in the shadows and people buy in flu like virus
  10. it is personal choice.... they are here to speed up our evolution hence the all suppresion and demonosation of the drugs by the establishment
  11. praying is for people who have no knowledge,a passive state which the elite desires and pushes upon.....
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