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  1. "Fear is in the eye of beholder,don't let be you" I would appreciate that if a meme is posted you also type the qoute in case pic is gone anyway post yours!!!!
  2. the only one from your list which i'm sad(sort of) to see on the list then again TG trio is under the Amazon ownership so i wouldn't be to suprised to see all three of them promoting the agenda
  3. well he did say in talk after the race(s)"keep wearing these masks......." so we can't rule it out.....
  4. told my friend 3 months ago,after he wins the title,he will be tested positive....i mean it is a LMAO moment
  5. this one is fucknig brilliant,he is a very good speaker,simple and straith to the point.....
  6. same as your prayers,wouldn't you say (no,ofcoures you wouldn't)
  7. as most modern medicine is inverted and controled..... can't help but to think they setup stage for covid long time ago....
  8. i think most of those kind of videos are faked,for propaganda and fear mongering
  9. if the news is true i would say it is part of psychological war to bump up will in people and then destroyed it when he say he changed his mind(part of the script)
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