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  1. it is personal choice.... they are here to speed up our evolution hence the all suppresion and demonosation of the drugs by the establishment
  2. praying is for people who have no knowledge,a passive state which the elite desires and pushes upon.....
  3. if you did,your comment isn't there anymore....
  4. i got NY..... so a trip to big apple and a base jump when the plane lands into a building
  5. here it is..... https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/forum/73-conspiracy-graphics-memes/
  6. the agenda imo is a transformation od the society geopoliticaly mixing the races,creating unrest,divide,killing national unity and long term deleting history so they can shape minds of the young as they wish
  7. did secret serivce put out a statment i mean it's not a good commercal for them and do they have a new Oswald ready.... he should just say to his real bosses please don't kill me trump is so full of shit that is barley tolerable
  8. one more reason to think there is no virus is 24/7 propaganda stay home,hide,put muzzle on,keep the distance ect. you would think that the goverments would encouraged their people to stand strong and unitetd it is first step to turn "west" in to "china" where the suppresion of free speach is welcome becuse someone don't like the "other side" this is a few days old.....and people don't see this as book burning
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