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  1. i think all alternative platforms are ownd by the people who are or will play as told,when told imo one of the reason why they offerd them is so people don't go back to old habits of talking,reading and socializing, you know get united.
  2. MOD NOTE virus or no virus,zombie apocalypse or not pleas stick to the topic.....you have about 50 threads where you can continue that discusion
  3. from the psycholgical point,yes i do think they would risk it..... i agree ,i meant they would just narrow the area where is a vital target....... i remeber on the old forum was a thread "did Hitler lost war on purpouse" and there was 5 or 7 very interesting points to support that claim
  4. you have a thread/s about old forum/s so knock yourself out there.
  5. the topic is corona scam.... he was a mod not an admin
  6. hacked content >>,lost,deleted,not retievable.... puting up "legacy forum" online>> some legal issues can we now stick to the topic please
  7. Dream the same thing every night
    I see our freedom in my sight
    No locked doors, no windows barred
    No things to make my brain seem scarred
    Sleep my friend, and you will see
    The dream is my reality
    They keep me locked up in this cage
    Can't they see it's why my brain says rage?
  8. maybe in his younger days, i don't think he would use someone else's material..... maybe in a interview
  9. i'm not sure that is Georgys joke,bit it's brilliant never the less
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