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  1. i would say to get to the people he normaly wouldn't......i think you should know that.... but at the end you'll have to ask him
  2. i see it this way,some people heard of DI and said "nah,he's crazy".....then they heard that BR will host him so they thought "maybe i should see it" i don't see need for criticism as DI said what he always says and most of us think he says "the truth" calling out BR is completly diferent thing imo with the backing BR has/ had he could built his career in many ways..... i think his goals/orders were to discredit DI and to soften the resistance i never said you hate DI work
  3. you are contradicting your self DI took a chance to spread the word,you should see that...imo
  4. i think the Russia/SSSR are/were parrt of NWO from the start....that hate democracy vs communism was only on the surface imo there is no way they wouldn't start a ww3 in the cold war days anyway now that the "democracy" is in Russia,you can be sure that it's part of NWO
  5. i agree......but 70ish years of rocket enigines,i think they know what are they doing... they also know how inferior that techno is (for space trave) they are "reinventing" space race because of need a cover story for tons of satelite launch
  6. in engineering there is always place for improvment..... "know how" but the basics are the same.... Musk had to spent "his own" money because the cult which enabeled him to make that money, told him so.....to push nwo,diystopian society
  7. i would guess.....what needs to be known about rocket tech,is known they are going in circles,calling it progres...
  8. imo it should remind you of "people" trick your mind or your mind will trick you may i ask to share your discovery (for the few good souls )
  9. pushing back the development of the society,same goes for FIA push of "hidrogen engines" spending money in usless way or the least efficient
  10. the truth imo is that "we live in a simulation"..... the cabal is(if) pushing it from a negative context,inversion of the truth.....same old tactics they can't hide it,so better to convince people it is bs,you know all about this "hiding in plain site
  11. i guess the same doesn't apply to your guy KM the cabal are only happy with one thing and that is confusion and they can't have it with the lies only (i think even you and i can agree on this one) so they will have a little of everything some lies,some truth,some exaggareted truth/lies
  12. Oh I, I feel the heat and I
    I touch the flesh and bone
    And I feel the kiss of fire
    Too fast to live, too fast to die
    Mom and Daddy say,"I'm dancing in the fire"

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