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  1. tavistock institut has done that already,don't worry
  2. media and the "emo culture" plus the human reflex to get addicted on emotions
  3. polarising society in every way thay can.... pretty much form the start of the internet and the last 5ish years it's peaking
  4. some people need more to be conviced or are new to the conspiracyes and simply don't know how things work in rabbit hole be nice to them
  5. simple....you lie,repeat what you have been told
  6. brain fart..... oh he went through indoctrination and removing any empathy in goldman sachs and narcisim and egoism are very welcomed in a politician looking his posture and body language he reminds me on silvio berlusconi
  7. what is "game changer" if it means agent of the elite sent by the elite then yes he is one.....
  8. it is a win win situation for them....they ban the info and spread fear so people will be afraid to speak against
  9. Mod note @Lord Humungus @FVCK BILLY G4TES please don't take the discussions to a personal level....
  10. Accept approaching fear
    And courage appears
    Death is a certainty
    It's growing near
    Letting go is fateful
  11. again saying what the people want to hear because elections are coming so he can continue to push elites agenda and people will chear for it......
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