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  1. One could say it was the start of the learning curve
  2. they were announced for a festival in USA but canceled after "doctor advise" ACDC,not the people
  3. one thing that hits me is how many people in the past did/do what D.I does.....the moment when you realize,re realize the fight was and is always on !!! i think i would miss much of them if it wasn`t for the forum
  4. it is on 100m depth, that is not to deep for divers let alone for submarine,the crew that find it looks like treasure hunters.... if it`s UFO its not there anymore
  5. It`s always like that.....following the past situations like this,it is probably part of the ancient network of structures and was built before the see level rose to make the Baltic sea a lot of history(ancient) "originates" from the east side of the world,pyramids in Bosnia,there is a theory that Dioklecianova palace(in Split) is a Solomon`s temple(it is almost the same as in descriptions of the "original" temple but according to the official data it is older) so someone is full of BS
  6. why the UFO forum Oz?
  7. Dr. Garry Nolan at the Salt Conference on May 16th/18th NYC!! law to protect wistleblowers ah those crazy conspiracy theorist
  8. During the summer of 2011, a commercial dive team encountered a mysterious sonar contact, straddling the sea floor in the northernmost reaches of the Baltic Sea. Since it was discovered, this object has continued to defy all attempts to uncover its origins "A consensus of experts and scientists say that the image most likely shows a natural geological formation"-wiki yea,right same as the structures near the Japan coast or the Bosnian pyramids !!!!!! every single aspect of our civilization is misled from the start and after that that is under constant suppression,censor and disinformation fuck those sellouts(experts my ass) actually the more i look at it,the more it looks like weather ballon!!
  9. "I still to this day cannot trace the thought process that led him to think this was an indoor activity"
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