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  1. Well I am not really convinced as of why Bill Gates is now suddenly put into a bad light publicly. Is he a scapegoat now? 


    They could have transferred billions somewhere to prevent losing money in the next "crash" without anyone noticing. But they seem to be willing to throw him under the bus apparently.


    Maybe Bill Gates will be the first to be charged because of his connections to Epstein. But why? 



  2. I have just watched the Documentary about Bill Gates on Netflix last week. It gave the impression that Bill has some sort of Aspergers (of course that's just an impression one can get) and it went into some detail as of how Melinda felt lonely and her being frustrated with Bill caring more about work than about her. 



  3. 4 hours ago, motleyhoo said:


    Bezos is now installing body heat scanners in all of his workplaces.  They detect a worker's thermal body activity, such that if you are not producing enough thermal activity then the system flags you as not being productive enough.  He literally wants to treat people like they are machines, and in a work environment that is survival of the fittest, you don't want to work like a machine then there's a 1,000 poor unemployed souls lined up to take your place.


    I shopped at Whole Foods for years.  Amazon has ruined those stores.  50% of the products I used to buy, like organic grass-fed meats and bison are no longer there.  They used to have a Step system, where the higher the step was on the meat the more organic and humane it was.  This is also gone now.  A better grocery system that worked for many years now destroyed because Bezos wants absolute costs-cut-to-the-bone efficiency in everything like everything is analyzed like it is a machine.


    We are just a resource. So they can make more and more profit.


    But one thing I never understood. Why do they still need us? What purpose do we serve? It cant be about money. When they own/are the banks - then they dont ever need money. But what else do they want? Low vibrating emotion to be harvested from a stressed out and anxious population? That would be my best guess.

  4. Well to the general public ... BG has a quite bad reputation right now. I wonder why there is no "spinning" going on in order to get his image into brighter light.


    But to the elite ... he is still a well connected and powerful guy who is quite active in promoting the agenda.


    He will probably step back out of the public some time in the future and operate more from the shadows. He is powerful. But the average guy does not like him anymore.


    I still remember a time when he was celebrated for being the riches guy. I feel like those times are over. People do not appreciate you for ripping off employees and so forth. Jeff Bezos is now in that position. Is there any average person who "admires" Bezos? Unless you are an aspiring Stock Broker trainee who wants to be the next Gates/Bezos ... whatever.

  5. On 5/27/2020 at 11:29 PM, Finder said:


    The very purpose of the letter was to eliminate the already existing and still building up pressure. The purpose of the letter was to bring the much needed connection and interaction between the forum management and the forum members. What exactly is not appropriate with that? And in which way it is harmful?

    Purpose not fulfilled in my opinion.

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  6. I do not think this letter is appropriate. Everyone one here feels the same regarding the loss of years of information. But building up the forum again takes some time. And the admins are working on it. So let them do their work and until its finished ... just relax.


    Building up pressure and being demanding is not helpful.

  7. I tend to believe that "we" are not needed for the future of our species. What we call elite is the inner circle/core of what is going on. There maybe even higher ranks unknown to us.


    Those individuals have a clear vision on how to not only survive but also on how to ascend as a human race. We are merely needed as tools or "human resources". As far as I can see their plan is going according to plan quite well. It does not matter if we exchange our ideas and theories in little groups online.


    They move on and will leave us behind when the time is ready. By the way - they could always breed a new heard of people if needed.


    So your question is kind of leading to a dead end. You are not part of the club and so am I. We will continue with this circus until one day it is all over. And they will move on.

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  8. As far as I can see - right now it seem as if the hackers reached their goal. One "simple" disruption and the forum is on the brink of collapse. Instead of building it up again together there are accusations that lead nowhere.


    Divide et impera. You guys should know better... dont fight each other, work together.

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