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  1. But what happens when the pretence is over. Not buying their shit anymore means absolutely nothing when they have no more shit to sell. When they don’t need consumers anymore. Don’t fall in to the trap that they need you. That’ll just keep you a slave longer.
  2. Covid doesn’t exist. It’s not real. You are a part of the clown planet.
  3. What’s the little hand on the top of some people’s profile?
  4. Just read on the BBC website that hundreds of fans fought their way in to Wembley stadium. Apparently they overpowered police and security at the disabled entrance. I guarantee you that they will use this as a reason for another casedemic. Dirty unmasked antivaxxers contaminating the double jabbed heroes.
  5. I also feel losing a game of footie might change a few minds. Had England won the normies would have been ‘jab for victory’. Losing might make them a bit more resentful of it all. They’ll feel like someone has pissed on their fireworks. Lockdown doesn’t look as appealing when you lose on penalties.
  6. I’d say the same. I said to the mrs yesterday that they’ll open in July. Everything will be fine for a couple of months and then as respiratory diseases start to creep in they’ll put them all down as covid. Pneumonia, bronchitis and the flu all put forward as covid. Same old shit. Rinse and repeat rinse and repeat.
  7. It works because the bullshit is off the scale. The normies love this shit. Just confirms to them how bad the covid is. Bad script, bad actors but they still can’t see it. I’ve had covid all my life. Beat that ya cunt.
  8. A link to FULL FACT you have got to be joking. Our conversation is over.
  9. Can you point me in the direction of this information he got wrong and are you not aware of the letter he sent to the MHRA he didn’t get the information within that wrong.
  10. ‘Virologists and leading academics’ haven’t been hoodwinked. Lots are speaking out. Dr Yeadon predicted the blood clotting in an open letter to the MHRA in December 2020 but was ignored. He is now portrayed in the MSM as a crackpot conspiracy theorist anti vaxxer. That’s what happens when you’re brave enough to speak out.
  11. ……Compartmentalisation
  12. The new normal = utter fucking madness. How can people not see through this utter shite. It’s so obvious. I just wish people would wake the fuck up.
  13. I understand your concern that the father isn’t portrayed. But given artistic licence, the mother is protecting a young boy who with her protection will go forward to be the father.
  14. I use the word frightened as a figurative term to try and convey my feelings. The other words I could have used were probably “concerned’ or maybe ‘hesitant’ but at the end of the day they all mean the same. I personally don’t give two fucks about what’s coming. It’s all the other twats I fear for, I know what’s coming. I’m already strapped in.
  15. The normies are like rabbits enjoying the sun. All is peaceful and harmonious in their world. Soaking up “normality” as the rabbits do the sun. Occasionally during the day the rabbits are spooked by a hawk, then they run for cover into their burrows. The MSM and BBC are the hawk scaring the rabbits. Stop the media then you stop the fear. I know I’m preaching to the converted here but just venting.
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