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  1. 2021 needs to be a more, “fuck you” and less “yes please”. Let’s hope the herd can be turned. I always knew the plan was afoot, never thought I’d see it start to materialise as quickly as this in my lifetime. I am nearly 60 and thought I’d be well gone before they had advanced this far. We need lots of young people to get pissed off and annoyed . The young need to start getting angry about their future, not some old dude that did business three hundred years ago.
  2. Comedy Time, I feel has had his time. Ignore.
  3. Deforestation isn’t due to climate change. Animal extinction isn’t due to climate change. Oil spills aren’t due to climate change. Pollution isn’t due to climate change. These things that you allude to being the result of humans impacting climate are simply the result of global corporations doing as they please with our earth and then attributing the consequences to climate change.
  4. “Shut up and do as you’re told, you slags”
  5. The police kettled peaceful people in against their will. They blocked the exits. They pushed people towards the line of police being filmed by the MSM. The SPG where out in force.
  6. Oh come on, he is being ironic.
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