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  1. No one stands taller than a man pushed to his knees upon rising
  2. It’s going to happen because it’s what they want. They need society to fall so they can rebuild.
  3. Time to move on. The Perspex is coming down. No more social distancing. No more covid. Welcome to the after party. Watch as they destroy their own narrative. Watch as the peoples rebel. Welcome to bedlam.
  4. I can’t see your links. Just goes blank when I click on them.
  5. I agree. But it takes years to understand even the fundamental elements. How many would even give you time over 9 11. Or the 2009 flu scam. The isis Hollywood shenanigans. To me these three are easy paint by numbers scenarios. Their latest ploy of you are the problem unless you love all seems to have them all entranced. Altruism is their new god. Go green, go rainbow. They have no idea why but they do it and if you don’t…..
  6. So many people these days feel they have to tread carefully with their speech. Tip toeing around the real issues. Sadly these same people that recognise a problem a fracture in society fail to acknowledge it because they’re too busy swimming with the tide. Ignoring and hoping that the tsunami pushing a tidal wave of shit upon them just doesn’t exist.
  7. I would say Neil Oliver has had an epiphany. Not in the biblical sense. He’s had an awakening like so many of us have had. Mine was 9 11. Others had theirs years before that and many since. People are rising from their slumber quickly now, simply because the elite are pushing hard. Life has become a difficult terrain to navigate in recent years and that difficult terrain has made many people question why. They want to understand why things are changing. They have started to hear references to the WEF. They have started to question the incessant pushing of climate change. What once was summer is now a raging apocalypse. They do notice. Neil Oliver is just one of those that has noticed. My opinion of course and I may be wrong but I hope I’m not.
  8. It’s not about winning it’s about stopping this shit. No one wins, we don’t want to end up in a Chinese style fuck up. The WEF wants you to believe you’ve winning. Don’t pay your bills is just another get jabbed, pot banging load of bollocks. Stay real and remember, they want to collapse society. Don’t join in.
  9. Normie see’s big fat conspiracy theorist has been milking the herd. Normie know believes all conspiracies are money making rackets. Job done. All hail Alex Jones.
  10. I’m 58 years old. I remember my friend showing me my first web page in about 1994. It was a page he made for our band. I was 30 at the time. It took about 15 minutes for this one page to load. I watched as it painstakingly revealed itself and I said to him “this is shit it’ll never catch on”. Oh how wrong I was.
  11. They took uncle Ben’s rice and gave it to Ben. How racist is that?
  12. They are obviously starting to push the agenda again. BBC documentary about “anti vaxxers” going to be a total piece of shit. Just another Charlie vietch episode, epiphany on the road to Lego Land. The average man or woman on the street totally believes every lie they have been told over the past 2 years. I honestly wish I had been born retarded. At least then I could ignore all of the cunts and just rack up enormous debts and have fun.
  13. Bot the ironing of my post is it is post number 77. Trust me I am not of the brigade.
  14. Why are you talking about this guy? Is it because someone posted a vid of Ivor Cummins earlier in the thread and you’ve mixed them up. Seriously I don’t understand what you are talking about. edit. They do look alike. But who would mix these guys up if they understood what each was trying to convey. I don’t completely agree with Ivor Cummins but I see him as a reasonable kind of guy that knows something is fucked up. The other dude I’d never heard of till you slammed him into the forum.
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