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  1. How the fuck do people fall for this shit? Seriously it’s getting unbelievably beyond stupid. Normie will literally believe anything. If you even suggest that it might be a tad ridiculous, they go fucking mental. They could pull Bluebeam now the timing is perfect. I feel trapped on an alien planet.
  2. Yeah. Bullshit. Simple.
  3. Covid is real I had it….. The tooth fairy is real I got a sixpence. Fucking hell. God give me strength.
  4. Weird shit. Looks like a tracheotomy scar. Is there any thing on line to suggest she’s had a tracheotomy. Very strange. edit. Just had a quick search and found nothing suggesting she’s had a tracheotomy. no idea what that scar could be other than a tracheotomy. Written tracheotomy too many times now never thought I would write tracheotomy this many times in my life in such a short period of time. Tracheotomy tracheotomy. T r a c h e o t o m y. Probably had a cock in there.
  5. When you leave things where they’re supposed to be, blind people can still get around.
  6. Putin and Trudeau two sides same coin. WEF pick and mix.
  7. It’s easier to fool someone than convince them they’ve been fooled. Aimed at incontinentia.
  8. They just really enjoying killing people, but mostly poor people.
  9. Yeah thought the same. He looks very different. Weird.
  10. If I got this printed out and handed it out to the twenty odd people I work with not 1 of them would know who these people are. They would never understand its meaning or the real world implications of it. most everyday folk know absolutely nothing about world politics.
  11. It gets worse as it gets better. Or does it get better as it gets worse? Is that the virus or the agenda? Fuck I miss 2019, all I had to worry about then was 2 towers or 3 or maybe 4. Was it 2 planes 3 planes or 4 (remember the one that got buried in a field never to be found) that was almost forgotten a life time ago. Now I know for sure the economic forum have installed their agents into every western state as the leader through their young leaders program. covid is more transparent than Santa clause yet they all believe it. I can’t believe I’m praying for a load of truckers in Canada to save the world.
  12. Charlie Veitch. Seriously. You obviously have no idea of this guy’s history. Mainstream media puppet. Just do some research. I’ll get you started. Ian Tomlinson. Start there and then keep digging.
  13. Charlie Veitch in a video further back. Really?
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