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    Phrases that make you tilt your head back, sigh, and shake your head. 1. It's must be true I've read it in the paper 2. Your wrong I've just Googled it 3. That's before my time 4. I've not read that 5. Oh your just a conspiracy theorist. 6. Why would they lie 7. Told you, your wrong just seen it on the T.V 8. Everyone knows that 9. You've gotta vote 10. (Pointing and jabbing newspaper) "see, see told you 11. Millions are dying 12. Put a mask on your killing people 13. It's a Democratic free society 14. No one believes that 15. They wouldn't kill there own people.
  2. if the kettle is switched on its a positive kettle. If it's a kettle on a gas stove it's a false positive. ( Think I've gone mad) Edward Heath would have been ok as he could use his pedo claws to keep the kettle 2 metres away.
  3. Arrrrrr!!!! Think I've got Covid toe It's gone purple It's ok just dropped the kettle on my foot after reading the story
  4. .At this moment I would be guessing Birmingham police, council,local M.P are all going through what sinario will play out if they arrest or stop one of the Icke family from speaking. 1. Stop them speaking Icke family take them to court for freedom of speech. Don't think they want David Icke in court giving evidence for himself or a member of his family. This would allow David Icke to speak. They can't bad him from all media platforms, then give him a platform in court. Also supporters of David Icke might be outside the court. So called 'alternative' media reporting on it across the world. (That's a difficult one for them to think about) 2. Arrest one of the Icke family. This could mean the Icke family go to court for unlawful arrest. (Don't think they want that) This could also mean the government controlled media would report on the matter.. ban David Icke from media platforms then put him in the media. Silicon valley would have to ban every online newspaper. Propaganda gone. The so called 'alternative' media would be waiting in line to get a interview with David Icke. As putting David Icke on the alternative media gets there viewing figures into the millions. Oh no order more coffee and biscuits (on tax payers money) while they go through what to do. Maybe phone Boris. "What do we do Boris? " Boris " don't ask me, Mr Gates hasn't told me what to do" B. Gates " don't bother me Boris am busy injecting African children"
  5. I've always had a problem with the 'so called' alternative media and Princess Diana. I've fallen out and no longer speak to people who consider themselves as free thinkers, the reason for this these people say I've gone to far down the rabbit hole . Well I believe once you go down the rabbit hole unlike the so called alternative media there is no use still showing your tail, you must keep on going down the rabbit hole and see were the tunnels go to. Even if a tunnel goes to a dead end. I've never worried that I might be told am wrong. So about Princess Diana too many of the media still see her as being killed by the Royals or MI6. But I must be heartless as the Princess wasn't as innocent as she is made out to be. Let's face facts the Princess was a Spencer she was born into the same cult, she knew what was going on it was part of her life. She would not be have been picked to have children with Charles if she wasn't the same blood line, she was born to be a Princess. The Princess knew Saville and she must have been fully aware of what was going on. If she was the little ms innocent nursery teacher why didn't she speak out. (As guilty as Saville, as her silence allowed him to carry on ) Maybe born to be sacrificed on the 13 pillar. The alternative media must stop being arse out of the rabbit. We are in times we're everything must be questioned. Only David Icke in the 'so called' alternative media's has even come close to going down the rabbit hole. I'd rather question and be wrong than just repeat.
  6. https://metro.co.uk/2020/10/14/wirral-pub-mocks-three-bellends-johnson-hancock-and-cummings-with-new-sign-13423981/
  7. Piers morgan, Dr Hilary Jones Good morning Britain lies. 1.8 million viewers. Gareth Icke , TRUTH 3 million viewers
  8. Dr Hilary Jones needs to volunteer to take the Bill Gates vaccine.
  9. Police declaration: I do solemnly and sincely declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve the Queen. ( a declaration to the Queen and not to the people). only a psychopath would want the power the police have. The bobby on the beat is no more, the police is just the army in blue uniforms.
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