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  1. One girl Anissa Weird was diagnosed with schizotypty 'diminished ability to determine what is real or not'
  2. Not really sure we're to put this thought. (Back in my head might be a good idea) Is Covid like the story of Slenderman, Slenderman was invented on a computer, just like covid was. 2009 Eric Knudsen invented Slenderman in a 'create paranormal images competition' Nothing unusual about that, humans have always told tall tales. Slenderman was quite different as people started to have 'Thought-forms' Tibet Budest beliefs. Thought-forms exist only in the mind, as the mind is only a electric transmitter people obsess and start to believe something excist. People started to see Slenderman, Two young girls in Wisconsin USA believed so much they killed a friend for Slenderman. Maybe (only a thought) Covid is a Thought-form and people believe so much they become I'll, the only people who seem to die of Covid are people who actually believe in Covid.
  3. The (shall we call it for argument sake) 'alternative media' report the the jab is an experimental jab, admitting it's not a vaccine. A lot of the alternative media have now started to say there is no evidence of covid ever excited. (Got there in the end), If you are a pycopathic eugenicist and you want to get rid of the human race as we understand it, do you approach someone like Graham Young 'the tea cup murderer' who wanted to see how the poison worked and watched how the poison effected the person. Or do you approach 'Peoples Temple's Jim Jones who new the kool-aid would kill. So why go to the trouble of approaching drug companies for the drug companies just to turn around and say 'we ain't sure what the side effects will be it be an experiment' They must have known, why go to the trouble of faking a so called virus then maybe mess up at the end with a experimental jab. This is not experimental, if it was experimental they would be like Graham Young and see what the outcome would be. They are like Jim Jones and they know the outcome. The full stop has been put down and the 'T's' are being crossed. EXPERIMENTAL ?????
  4. C.C covid cult does not want to remove a non existent Theton from your body but some thing else that has not been proven to excist, that being a virus, in Scientology like with C.C you pay with your life. Boris has a Road to freedom, Scientology has 'The bridge to total freedom's Have the jab as and your free, No, no there is more to come. Scientology have going clear, but that's not the end you have to go up O.T levels. Anyone who says anything about Scientology is called a S.P, anyone you questions the C.C is called a conspiracy theorist. Scientology also has disconnecting when they are told to have no contact with friends or family who are S.P C.C is doing the same thing. Do all cults work the same way, how are these other cults coping with the C.C Do they give away there cult and follow the biggest cult. I'm not sure you can be in two different cults at one time.
  5. https://www.wirralglobe.co.uk/news/national/18722266.man-uses-snake-face-mask-bus/ Follow the science less droplets would get through snake skin than through cloth, So this man is super safe.
  6. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/asda-shopper-handcuffed-pinned-floor-1971563 First they came for the Pensioners, I was not old so I didn't speak out, Then they came for the non mask wearers, I wore a mask so I could not speak out, Now they come for the mask wearers.
  7. Well worth a watch on you tube before it gets taken down. 'should you take the Corona vaccine?' by Rabbi Alon Anava
  8. M57 motorway welcome to liverpool
  9. Just watched a video on you tube posted by a so called journalist called Owen Jones who quite often pontificates on The Jeremy Vine show. Jeremy Vine who seems to have his wings clipped since having Peter Hitchens on his programme. Owen Jones tried to prove Peter Hitchens wrong, but Hitchens wiped the floor with him, it's worth just reading the comments underneath. This just goes to show how so called journalist can be proved idiots, if Hitchens can embarrass this Journalist what would David Icke or Andrew Kaufman do to this specimen of a journalist. This is probably why these corrupt journalists won't challenge David Icke, if Hitchens can wipe the floor with him, Icke would not only wipe the floor with him but also polish wax and buff the floor with these jounalists.
  10. GMTV hypocrites Piers Morgan & 'so called Dr' Hillary Jones admit to not wearing face masks or as they put it forget to wear face masks. Playing the games by there rules. Surely a chemist would have the most vulnerable people in it. But Dr Jones claimed no one else Was in the chemist apart from the staff and the person who took the photo. So by his rules he put these people at risk, he might as well of walked up to a pensioner and coughed in there face. Then we have the other thing Morgan who thinks it alright not to wear a face mask in a confined space a taxi. He might as well have smeared feaces in the taxi drivers face. They know it's all noncence but they sold there souls years ago. If they actually believe that a virus exists they would have some self respect and dignity and resign from there posts on t.v. When you lie you need a good memory and to be clever
  11. Humans, then domestic cats followed by lions now vegetables.
  12. Thank you for given me the information I was told this company were looking to recute paying around £15 a hour, but was not sure as it sounded like a rumor. That's why I got the name wrong. It's always best to check I've always considered the British army as mercenary soldiers as they fight for money and not belief, so every soldier who did a test is a criminal.
  13. The army is to leave Liverpool and be replaced by a company called Mac Products projects. Does anyone know anything about this company
  14. I put this in this section as the Royals are a secret society. Meghan Markle has used miscarriage in the sickest way to gain public syphothy. This story would be believable but for one thing. Meghan says 'she felt sharp pains as she cradled Archie after changing his nappy' When have a member of the Royals family ever changed a child's nappy yet alone wiped their own arse. As soon as a Royal is born it's passed to a Nanny and only see the parents for a photo opportunity.
  15. From 2nd December the government says football club that are in tier 1 will be allowed 4,000 supporters in the stadium. Does that mean if Manchester gets put in tier 1 Old Trafford attendance 76,000 will be allowed 4,000 supporters and about 1mile away Salford City ground Peninsula Stadium capacity 5,100 will also be allowed 4,000 supporters (that makes sense with social distancing). Or are we going to see Cornwall the only area put into tier 1. The only area with no Professional football club. So really no football club will be allowed football supporters.
  16. Permission.... Mark Drakeford isn't me mum and am not 5 years old. I want to go the toilet but Mark Drakeford has not given me permission. Please sir, please sir I've been good
  17. It was so nice to listen to Mark Drakeford minister of Wales on Bbc breakfast saying "it's not an instruction to get together but PERMISSION to spend Xmas together". Don't need your permission to do anything
  18. Mark.colley


    History repeats 90% = 1 in 10 Roman Empire The removal of the Tenths DECIMATION.
  19. Just watched Vernon Colman on bran new tube, who at the end of a intresing talked thanked everyone but David Icke, Rich Allen got a thanks the man who seams to scared to get banned from you tube that he won't have David Icke back on, but would have Gareth Icke on his channel, so he still must respect David Icke. Alex Jones (info wars) got a thanks, the same Alex Jones who admitted David Icke was saying stuff well before he did. Vernon Colman who is on a very strange format of Brand new tube, I'm a bit dubious of Brand New tube as it's so much support of Sonia Poulton who seams to only have a Sonia Poulton agenda. It was nice to hear David Icke got a mention on The Corbett report good bye to you tube. I am very cautious of the alternative media as a lot of them only go so far. Then it's gets to that point we're they won't go, mention the moon mention serpent gods, mention SRA, mention blood and death cults and they back off, I'm not sure myself what is true but I'm still willing to be opened minded to look into the subject and do more research to find out what is going on. Personally I need to do so more research, my quest for discovery continues.
  20. Mark.colley


    16. I fought against fascism, so you could live in a free world. (When I hear this phrase I think "really, how did you get on? That's why your wearing a face mask and go into lockdown, love your idea of freedom)
  21. Mark.colley

    No pants

    Tesco stores in England have closed down the clothes department following government guidelines. You can buy fireworks but not pants. So strap fireworks around your waist and have some rocket pants. When these M.Ps who voted for a lockdown are standing trial, we will see how essential clothes are when they are shitting there pants
  22. Watching Dr Hillary Jones makes me so angry. The problem I find is a lot of people who just hear the main stream propaganda media. Those people will tend to listen to this man will believe what he's says more than a politician, as he is put forward as a Doctor. (So many people are programmed to think Doctors only give good advice) He is so dangerous if you live alone and your only contact with the outside world under a lockdown is listening to this man scare mongering, it could lead to depression and maybe suicide and it's criminal for a doctor to put a human through this mental torture. Wonder who is funding this man and his agenda. What he says is more evil that the main stream media.
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    I heard the best line ever today in work: "Covid must exist I've been tested positive" Didn't know if to laugh or cry at such a stupid quote, Had the same experience as G. Icke said he had, someone wearing a mask calling me a tin foil hat conspiracy nut.
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