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  1. I didn't mention the main stream media or as they call them on UK column news ,'the old media' as I don't think the main stream media count as it's just propaganda.
  2. I do not cling to a losing strategy, Richie Allen is doom and gloom simple as that, not being religious I still listen to other people, Rabbi Alon Anava did a positive talk called " why does g_d allow evil to exist?
  3. The video for Eric Clapton song "this has gotta stop is a great video
  4. Don't you just love sunlight and oxygen it makes you feel alive
  5. Survival is not money food etc, survival is survival of the being knowing that when we leave this reality, we enter a better time, The main reason I think why the protests are positive (unlike Richie Allen ) is not that the government's will change what they are doing it it the positivity people get from knowing they are not alone, even people who do not attend feel they are not alone, this is why the media don't want to report on the protests, as they don't want people to feel positive, they feed off a negative energy.
  6. Lack of oxygen to a person will cause death, so in that way wearing a face mask will stop you passing on a virus, as the dead cannot pass on a virus. Personally I enjoy breathing in fresh air,
  7. Psychopaths won't allow a parallel system it's all or nothing for a psychopath, they cannot half kill you.
  8. When was the last time he had David Icke on his radio show? Richard Grannon had David Icke on his you tube channel knowing that he would get banned for doing so, so what is more important, free speech or a radio show. Richie Allen can sit on my shoulders all day, but when he carries his bag of negativity, that becomes to much weight for me to carry, so he has to get off my shoulders. (I do apologise for coming out with shite)
  9. It was really good to hear Richie Allen on Glitch in the code and Right now, I confirmed to myself why I stopped listening to Richie Allen. Doom and gloom, yes Richie we know things are bad, well done for noticing that little fact, but at least David Icke dot connector keeps a positive outcome and Dr Vermon Coleman might get emotional after reading out death figures but, but he will always say at the end we will win this war. Think positive to have a positive day.
  10. If he is a Freemason it depends on what degree of of Freemason if you should trust him or not as most Freemasons have not got a clue what the higher levels are doing.
  11. Not being a fan of GB news, I have some time for Neil Oliver who was sometimes out spoken on Talk radio, This time You tube and twitter have deleted and censored a four minute piece he did to camera called "Government should leave our kids alone", it is worth listening to.
  12. Does Matt Hancock masterbate while looking into a mirror.
  13. With the last London march have such big numbers, it is time to be careful of not turning into Monty Python's ''life of Brian's. "The people's front of Judea" "Judeadian people's front". (splitters) Religions not religious, what race what nation what district, what political group, pro vaccine, anti vaccine, for masks, not wearing masks, etc etc. All this nonsence needs putting aside. This is about FREEDOM. If people want to be vaccinated or wear a mask, that's there choice there freedom. Just let me be free to do want I want and think how I think as long as I do no one any harm. Call me a hippy call me a tin foil hat wearing nut, if people have had the vaccine or want to wear a mask let them feel welcome but don't let the 'SPLITTERS' take away the goal of FREEDOM.
  14. Alberto frog (from kids show 'bod') "I think I'll have ..... Lemon"
  15. It's a question and humour
  16. I'm not sure if this rumour is true, but it amused me, School children are using 'Robersons fruit shoot' drink on the lateral flow test. To get a positive result and get 10 days off school. This shows how much some children believe the "your killing granny nonsense" It might be just be a urban myth but the lateral flow test is so rediculace it could be possible. Has anyone else heard this rumour?
  17. Check round door, fondle, the following images of Hancock giving a thumbs up to the camera is missing. Don't know camera was there, my arse
  18. until

    The police won't change sides, they are programmed. They are in a cult, brainwashed unable to think what they are doing
  19. Hancock had a affair lovely slight of hand media trick, hey plebs look over here at this story, while I commit genocide. Let's not report on the real story let's distract you with this tittle tattle. Would Boris say anything ? Of course not it's fascist dictatorship, he does what he is told, does not even turn up to the house of Commons to answer questions. Just tells the media. The government could have stopped this story, they own the media, so the question is why let the story out, what is the distraction really for? Should anyone feel sorry for Hancock's wife? defently not, she was quiet happy living off his P.P.E money and not saying a word, so this woman does not have a conscience.
  20. Or instead of silence just hold one continuous note
  21. Ignoring the daily NHS jab text, shopping without a mask, hugging my family. All daily protests, the government hate this type of protest as at the moment they can't use there foot soldiers in yellow jackets to beat you with sticks.
  22. I have met some social workers who do the job because they like to help people, but they don't go far up the greasy pole, I've known nurses who go into nursing because they want to help people, but many leave when they realize paperwork is king, the same with teachers. But the people who join the police know it's about control.
  23. I did not go on the march as I don't like the idea of self appointed big deal Marshalls, but it did amuse me reading the comments from people saying 'you don't have the right to say anything as you didn't go' I just read an observed the comment from a difference and thought what a fascist thing to say.
  24. I agree it is a generalisation, but I also have a problem with the people who put themselves forward as Marshalls at events. The mind set of I must control and tell people what to do. That's the mind set I have s problem with. Don't shout freedom then tell me what to do, if someone wants the jab, let them, just let me live my life without harming any living thing.
  25. Why do people shout 'shame on you' at the state foot soldiers aka police, they feel no shame, why shout at them 'choose your side'. They chose there side when they joined. Taken the 30 pieces of silver every paycheck. For a long time the bobby on the beat has long gone, they don't join the police to bring home the stray dog help kittens out of trees, see old people and children across the street, help the public with problems, ask a member of the police now for directions , they would tell you to go and buy a A to Z and arrest you for wasting police time. The people who join the police were the kids at school who would tell a teacher if you swore, the kids who would bully someone for not wearing the latest trainers. They were the ones who had no emphathy. The ones who would shoot squirrels with pellet guns and laugh. Being a teenager at Hillsborough I witness how there brains are controlled, they stood and watched people die and waited to be told to open the gates. Someone with empathy would have just acted and not waited for orders from up high. The police remind me of the Vogons in Hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy. The idea of the police 'to serve the people is a good thing, so I'm not anti police. But do they serve or in slave the people.
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