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  1. So what are peoples thoughts on the following..... The pope dropping the title 'vicar of christ' ? Has trump taken over the federal reserve and its meaning? Lastly...As far as the plan of the cabal is it going as expected do you think? Just opinions tbh.
  2. Its ok ive found it now. Anything that can be done to not allow it?
  3. I cant seem to find it on mine. Is it actually titled as covid 19 tracing? Can you explain exactly how i get to it on my phone? (Samsung) thanks
  4. I know, the real battle is now going to begin! Perhaps you could use to our advantage but putting a very clever message on there? Davidicke.com or something that people can look at and take something from to help open there eyes? We are going to have to play some games here i feel.
  5. Did you see hancocks video on twotter with the queens picture positioned perfectly in to corner looking at him and smiling?
  6. So there could be truth to it although it could also be a monumental deception. I can see a situation whereby we could be sold on a promise and led to the slaughterhouse. I am not very clued up on religion. What other reasons could there be for the pope to drop that particular title? They are all corrupted arent they so would they really just step aside and let the good guy step in and change the world against them? Or perhaps this is why the cabal are making there move for destruction NOW? With corona meaning crown perhaps its a battle taking place. Was it not said that satan would cause hell on earth for 3.5 years before the second coming? Who knows but i cling on to hope.
  7. The world has gone mad. This is difficult for somebody like me that has only come to realise the truth so recently. Is their anybody that is on the side of the good of humanity ANYBODY? There must be some hope?
  8. What is an FF? Are you in the uk? Strange times, so many are oblivious and this is all happening naturally.
  9. @ally_uk It seems that way for now. Me and my wife have worked through this entirely with no problems. Sge worjs in a huge supermarket and reports back to me each day. She said that people wearing masks are in the minority and that although employees are pushed hard to follow guidline strictly the public are pretty old normal in there ways. I fear we have not seen the worst of it yet though looking at whats happening in the us. We live in hampshire btw
  10. Having taken this on board and had some thought i am now starting to get suspicious. I believe he WILL be king but his intentions....im not so sure. Antichrist is a real possibility but i hope not. If he is then i believe it is 3 and a half years on ruling before the real christ shows up?!
  11. @Dagmar Gross If you just go to kingof.uk you will find much more detail and info on it all. From what i have just watched he meantioned on brexit ... "That the purpose of brexit is so the british people will get it locked into their heads that QEII is not the sovereign"
  12. The boarded castle is buckingham palace. Whereas they are currently at windsor castle.
  13. @Tinfoil Hat It was not meant that they had gone into hiding quite literally. Queen Elizabeth II goes into hiding at Windsor Castle. "The whole Royal Family realises they are not the Royal Family." Prince William abdicates to Greg Hallett Have you been through any of the timelines and videos breaking this all down on kingof.uk ? He is pretty detailed and seems pretty legit to me. I tend to know a bullshi**er when i see one but im certain he is not one. Question is that actually become the king of england and the rest it means breaking the British cabal 'the crown' aswel and the media and government too wgich we know is all rigged. But it seems as though things are happening and that trump amoungs others (the royal family ect) have abdicated him and are fully aware and accept who he is. I am thoroughly intrigued and given great hope and belief from what i have heard so far. Big moves against the rothchilds have already been made last year. I recommend episode 18 where he mentions this. Its all to do with the banking system which i know ziltch about. i am upto episode 19 titled as -Episode 19: Royal Family, Rothschild’s Empire, Epstein … three days after Boris Johnson became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Jim Fetzer Interviews Joseph Gregory Hallett 27 July 2019.
  14. Having watched a few of his videos and podcasts his story sounds very interesting for sure. His story and evidence surrounding the royal familys illegitimacy seems entirely plausable and he seems to think it is all pretty much done and dusted as far as needing to prove himself. I recommend others who are far more knowledgeable than me to listen to what he is saying. Perhaps this does all tie in together with the current happenings of the world. Perhaps the TPTB have been forced to act ahead of schedule and time knowing of what is coming.
  15. @Tinfoil Hat Thanks for the info. I sure wished i had the IQ to digest all of this. As a being i know my heart is in the right place and i will fight for the good of my family snd humanity as a whole til my last breathe. I just find it so hard to take in and make sense of. So...Do you think that Joseph Gregory Hallett will be king and it will me made known to all? And is he a positive force for the good of humanity? Or is he evil and just here to accelerate of fall of mankind? Thanks
  16. Well the first thing i saw when i looked in that direction was an alien like head above the duck creature?! No? Just me? Il get my coat.
  17. So we are all well aware of what is taking place. I wanted a thread whereby people could give input and advice on what practical and tactical moves we could be making to try and prolong and improve our chances of getting through all of this whilst the battle goes on. I had not long just got onto the property ladder and dont have much equity altgough we have gained some value through improvements. Should i sell now and get out and go back to living with parents with my family? I think the property market will crash very soon as the recession takes a grip and millions more out of work. Thoughts? I have a young child and he is my main focus. We need to help eachother make the right decisions to enable us to go on stronger for longer without becoming entrapped in the whirlwind.
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