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  1. Id love to think so.......but what would stop 'them' from deliberately slipping some kind of killer virus into theses areas and playing the 'i told you so' card! If i was living is the US and was armed id feel better about it.
  2. I agree and a lot of people are giving them a ton of s*** on insta. Im not sure about other platforms. I read a few articles on the staff walkout early this year and it was surrounding wayfair selling beds ect to immigrant camps which also had centres for un accompanied children. Its not stone wall evidence in that regard but we all know these big conpanies all tie in. Many pictures also with top company members with the likes of maxwell, hillary, Michelle Obama. Will the law enforcers do anything? Problem is it will all be too late to act by time we are chipped up ect
  3. Its not quite covid related but i see truth here. The UN will step onto US soil in October. What will be the cause aside from the obvious? Bluebeam?
  4. "Reading books by boris johnson" ?....like what? On a more serious note could be a hidden meaning behind that? Possibly but probably not. On a side note....Does anybody have any intel on this uk crime bustup whereby they said they managed to hack some kind of secret communication line? Its been spun as simply drug gang related but i wonder if there is more to it?
  5. So july the 4th.....what is going to happen today i wonder? The chances must be high sont you think?
  6. More people must surely be waking up to this nonsense. Its been over 2 weeks since the blm protests began in the uk and there has been zero spike! People who even believed it all must surely at least suspecting its bullshit. More and more people must be planning to dodge a covid test come the winter and most of us tend to get some kind of illness that coincidentally fits the never ending list of covid symptoms. Are people really that flush with money to not be thinking just to get on with it for the sake of paying bills.
  7. So for an everyday person who knows nothing about the 5g system......How would know by simply observing whether a school has 5g? Anything on the outside of the school groungs to look for? Ive seen the steetlamps along the motorway with the little ariel like things out the top which i know are 5g and also the obvious towers but what are we looking for to know if a school has 5g?
  8. To a degree many already have....david icke. Id happily down tools in my non reality life and follow his lead. The truth is for me i am fairly trapped. I have awoken my wife but am not much of a silky talker to bring about change in the sheep. However everybody who knows me knows i am extreemly determined, hardened and one of lifes battlers. I would follow in the sense of being part of a collective for the greater good of humanity. I would be a disciple. I have hoped that somebody would start the counter movement because as it stands we have a rather small percentage of people that are awake and can see whats coming yet singularly we are fairly powerless to overturn them in such a short space of time. But together as groups (one per country) we can make a difference. There are LOADS of people that are in the group of not awoken but can see/sense somthing isnt right and they would be on board fairly quickly imo.
  9. You say that but i think this could be a seed planted into peoples minds. Those videos looked as though they were being struck by something (emf?). They must have far far more to throw at humanity than this tosh they have orchastrated so far. I got a funny feeling people might start dropping like flies in the winter and begging for the vaccines. Death by 5g causing monstrous death tolls worldwide creating this nwo born out of fear. I hope im wrong.
  10. Very interesting, certainly for someone like me who was only awoken earlier this year so suddenly as though somebody had whispered it into my head whilst i was sleeping. My problem is that im simply useless at helping others to wake up. Il through terms around like 'were living in a non reality', 'the great awakening' and telling people not to believe things and to question everthing. One question though springs to mind.....Where does this place religious beings. Essentially what he was saying was that religion was something that has almost been sold right? To believe that after we leave our vessels we will be with god ecf which he saying is not true. But there are alot of people who are talking about mark of the beast, and seing signs of end times in all of this and therefore will do there up most to not have it. But they are almost awake but on a different level. Would those people 'be looking through the crack in the wall'? I guess not.
  11. So what difference does a no deal brexit v a deal brexit make? Of course right now we are hearing all sorts of threats from the eu regarding fishing waters, trade deals right now....stoking the fire? Most peoples reaction to these msm articles seems to be along the lines of "go f***, no deal it is then!". But i do see boris looking more and more weary looking each day and i can almost see the fear oozing off him for how he is going to have to somehow do the u-turn of all u-turns from his initial stance on the brexit stuff that got him the hot seat. We also have large companies speaking up about how harmful a no deal would be (nissan ect) and the wto chiming in with tariff talk. But one thing id like to know.......if the plan was to keep us in the eu and all the political bods are 'chosen' then why did they initially voice boris so loudly on his calls to leave the eu? They pushed quite hard for it imo.
  12. Ive always thought of trump as the reincarnation of george patton. Trump has meantioned his admiration of patton before and trump was born around 170 days after patton died. I have read a few things on this and not only do the look remarkably similar but character are profile are very similar also. Worth looking into.
  13. Is it ok that this makes me tingle in certain areas of my body?? Any hints or clues for us?
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