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  1. Is that the same London School Of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine funded by £31million From bill and Melinda gates ... when Chris Whitty was working there ? Don’t believe 9 out of 10 would either.
  2. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/david-icke-talks-lockdown_9XqAOwgfYZXbk25.html May have already been posted....
  3. Have you got an exemption or an exemption card Lisa? I assume that you won’t get asked, but apparently my dad was told off at bham new at station By a copper for having his mask pulled down on his chin Cos he was just finishing a phone call. So the station might be worse than the train? Prob a lot of police etc about if an event is on... we are getting there by train
  4. I know it’s hard not to overthink it and overanalyse it (as in dwell in a negative way about the future) Where the kids are concerned, but when I see my little ones playing and so excited about little things like the leaves falling off the trees etc I could cry for them My mum today was wondering what they’ll do when they’re older And I said “well, not very much since they won’t be able to access School or any services due to not being vaccinated”. It’s also a horrible thought, those families on the breadline living hand to mouth week by week or day by day I am wondering though
  5. Yeh but whether they are in or out, a lot of them are kind of up to the same stuff. It’s no drama to A lot them (not all obviously) going away, but since the prison population is 83k (approx) it does make you realise that they could be a testing ground for anything (medication or vaccine wise)
  6. Yes very true, although some counsel may do it pro bono, would be worth them looking into that. They may get approached given the publicity (hopefully) https://www.gofundme.com/f/save-liverpool-gyms this pitch is actually really good in terms of research and statistics etc.... bearing in mind a lot of gym-goers (totally not generalising ) may not have actually looked at the situation through statistics yet. Hopefully it will awaken people (also check out the comments with the donations)
  7. I’ve seen a couple of children in masks recently, a 4 and a half year old at the school, as well as one in a trolley Say about 5 (fits in the trolley seat) it literally makes me despair when I think that parents think they are doing their children some kind of favour making them wear them! What on Earth do they tell the children? And what do the kids actually think seeing all these people in masks as if it’s completely normal and necessary
  8. Don’t understand why they’re crowdfunding to pay the fines? if they are objecting to the justification of the fines due to making the gym as safe as possible in the current climate etc.... are they not going to argue against the fines in the basis they are unlawful as a group action (with other gyms) judicial review maybe?
  9. The other issues with masks, is the constant obvious reminder wherever you go. So, when people are in fear of the fake virus, they are constantly reminded to be in fear of it by not only putting the masks on themselves but also seeing everyone else in a mask. So, on the other hand, if you’re trying to forget about this BS, it is also an annoying constant reminder of how pathetic the bulk of the population are as well as the poxy rule in itself!
  10. I’m not sure if anyone saw a BBC news item a couple of days ago, which stated that there had only been 364 flu deaths this year! Sorry I can’t link it, but almost as soon as I’d read I went back onto bbc news page and it had disappeared. The info apparently from ONS....
  11. hi, I haven’t posted on here yet. But basically my twins are 19 months old and I cannot register them with any nhs dentist locally due to “Covid” as apparently they have a 6m backlog or whatever of own patient check ups, but the priority is emergencies. So - all children are supposed to be entitled to dental care, which they are currently being denied. This is clearly going to be a nationwide problem, and will get worse. I am in the process of investigating and researching private costs. I do appreciate a lot of people have much bigger problems than this health wise as a result of the
  12. Hi Jack I agree with what you're saying completely, although I cannot help thinking that people need to take responsibility for their own lives and that of their children. My dad has always rejected “modern medicine” and has been into homeopathy etc for my lifetime. None of me or my siblings have been vaccinated and we’ve taken the same decision for our children. If any of the kids seem to be ill, we would try and help them fight it off themselves for a few days rather than resorting to antibiotics. But clearly in society as a whole, there is clearly a dependency on medication. I see it a lot
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