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  1. https://hugotalks.com/2021/08/26/do-celebrities-have-blood-on-their-hands-hugo-talks-lockdown/ https://hugotalks.com/2021/08/27/a-short-illness-hugo-talks-lockdown/ Hugo talks has got it spot on...
  2. Yeah true. I looked up a few before seeing that on hugo talks. Its suspicious when anyone dies (such as celebs) and they don't mention any cause of death nowadays.
  3. https://hugotalks.com/2021/08/19/ireland-footballer-23-dead-from-jab-msm-cover-it-up-hugo-talks-lockdown/ @SimonTV
  4. Is there any info on his age? Just for a lads holiday - heartbreaking :(
  5. More concerning that the vaxd are giving blood....
  6. Yes, its just a massive guilt trip that they aren't protecting themselves or the baby. In the same way as the usual childhood vaccinations, and hooping cough or flu jab whilst pregnant. Disgusting that so many have them all pre-covid, but they have been primed for a few decades now to accept vaccines whilst pregnant and for their newborn babies.
  7. I've been worrying about this, what will happen to them all :(
  8. Obviously it becomes irrelevant for those who have already chosen to take it without any concern for the ingredients (published or otherwise) or the yellow card system and any possible risks, but there are still fence-sitters and people being encouraged/ coerced for various reasons (family, job etc) not to mention the countless young people who are still being targeted :-(
  9. https://hugotalks.com/2021/08/14/mrna-secret-hugo-talks-lockdown/ According to this FOI made by a Dr who is experienced in the pharma field, the MHRA have refused to disclose the MRNA sequence for commercial reasons... so that translates as a lack of informed consent for any individual it appears ( UK)
  10. How does that make it an exemption? Just so people can understand/ explain it if needed thanks
  11. Can people therefore refuse (or decline) based on the fact that ingredients are not being disclosed, or more specifically deliberately withheld, as in those who currently feel obliged to have it such as care workers etc? Is anyone aware of any legal challenges for carers as this may assist with that?
  12. Yeh, he did hold his own pretty well though despite the passive aggressive attitude from Jeremy vine... who was completely rude and dismissive, and more concerned that he'd lied to the researchers in order to be put through... clearly if he had told them his actual standpoint he wouldn't have been anywhere near the airwaves!
  13. 1500 dead people can't have self-reported
  14. The message from the mail story should read "couple wasted last 18 months of their life pointlessly shielding instead of actually living.... "
  15. I've just read an almost identical comment to this on this Liverpool echo story https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/emotional-memorial-show-superfit-dad-21243499#comments-wrapper
  16. I'm in the Midlands, I'm part of a group who are discussing a new community idea, although its at the early stages. And I know of others who have bought woodland and are setting up log cabins etc... its just strange because you're just plodding on with day to day life, so its a weird prospect just to up sticks and go off grid all of a sudden. Some people have been preparing for it longer so it doesn't feel so weird I suppose... Wales would be lovely though because there's so many remote areas.
  17. I know without being completely negative, its going to get so much worse. You have to try and balance a healthy level of fear/ knowledge in order to be prepared (without being totally consumed by it all) whilst still enjoying what you can out of life day to day! My family think I'm completely mental saying that my children won't be able to go to school by then, and re stockpiling etc not to mention the suggestion of the Internet going down haha
  18. This is horrific, but not that surprising...
  19. And so many health professionals are pushing it onto women, completely irresponsible and brainwashed at best, evil at worst. I've even read in aus (poss on here) that women can't have their baby in hospital if not jabbed ffs!! I can't actually comprehend what would possess anyone to inject an experimental drug whilst pregnant at such an early stage of rollout, irrespective of general views on vaccines and covid etc. Have to keep an eye on the yellow card reports for stillbirths etc which was bad enough last time I read it.
  20. This was at the end of one of max igans recent vids... its really catchy haha
  21. I'll try and find out... without banging on or scaring the shit out of her. Was really hard not to naturally react and tell her my concerns. I just said the midwives etc shouldn't be pressuring her like that kinda thing she's pushing 40 so I think astra zeneca at a guess but god knows its completely random now, all the initial rules and advice seem to have relaxed entirely
  22. My friend text me yesterday to say that she's had the jab at 19 weeks pregnant, despite miscarrying at the start of the year. The reason she had it was due to pressure from midwife and health "professionals" and she said shes fed up of stories about mothers and babies in ICU due to covid!! Ffs.... I'm just speechless pointless telling her the risks the now. She had chronic diarrhoea for 3 days after having it. Feel like I'm just waiting for the bad news now:-(
  23. Yeh loads of people just randomly and needlessly drop it into conversation, when you haven't even asked or mentioned it and you're just on the hiya/ small talk part of a conversation. Like they can't wait to brag about it !! And they say it in such a smug way :|
  24. Its hard to gauge how soon the next steps will happen, in terms of pressure and coercion, as everything has moved fairly quickly it seems since last March, but they also need to balance that with a phased approach rather than bombarding everyone with their ultimate goals at the same time. In reality, the threat to people's jobs as well as access to money (benefits, banks) and services is likely to come within a year... but some people on here would probably say sooner than that. I Hope there's a significant and successful pushback from the carers, but whilst it may stall things in the short term, its obviously going to go across the board soon enough..
  25. I hope so, apparently they're suggesting offering £50 to people to get the jab now. Ffs, how desperate. Luckily a couple of people I know who were on the fence/ indifferent about covid and the jab have now decided they don't want it because of how much its being pushed.
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