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  1. All the charity shops by me have put blue and yellow clothing in the window ffs
  2. I was joking too... hope you're sons OK
  3. Yes!! This is what stresses me out... as some "awake" people I know take the attitude "oh well dumb parents get what they deserve" but children shouldn't suffer because they have (*insert adjective*) parents who are deluded, mistaken, misguided, gullible or whatever.... I just find it really upsetting... I just hope the timing of it may mean that psychologically covid has "blown over" for a lot of people... despite those weird mask zombies you still see knocking about
  4. Some people have quite a lot of first hand stories about injuries and worse... but until now I hadn't heard of any first hand. My friends mum has a blood clot in her leg mid 60s... I don't think that normally happens does it? Although it's hard to say what the blood clot rate would have been prejab (same as heart attack and everything else). However I've never know random older people just getting blood clots... same as school kids having heart attacks I'm so pissed off I looked at the BBC website and they've authorised jabs to start on Monday for the 5-11 age group ffs...
  5. The flu or a general cold? Or a positive fake test with no symptoms... I sure you'll survive unless you're 84 with a load of pre existing health problems
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-stoke-staffordshire-60947396 Huge expansion for a company who make the "lipids" ingredient
  7. It would be nice to know how many of those politicians (and the media talking heads) took the real maxine... So many of them just parrot those key phrases that were bandied around during the plandemic...they're like robots can't even be original.... The last sentence is like repetitive 1984 brainwashing
  8. Yeah I bet they all have their covid vax passes sorted for all their holidays abroad either way
  9. It must also be traumatic and psychologically damaging to any child who has to see others (loved ones esp) in masks. Really cruel behaviour isn't it.
  10. Remdesivir is a covid treatment drug in hospital apparently... side effects include wheezing and breathing difficulties according to Google
  11. Well I suppose he just said a lot of what people who are against the vaccine wanted to hear, and appeared to be a reliable source on the face of it due to his profession
  12. I find the story really odd, because its basically saying that a prominent anti vaxxer is in hospital with covid... which is akin to the crap that a lot of the MSM are pushing. Prior to me learning this tonight, I had read that he had gone missing which would actually make more sense. The whole alternative media platform is a minefield at the best of times, with fake hero types and many with ego's arranging protests etc. It can be difficult to differentiate between genuine or those with another agenda when they are broadly giving the same general message...
  13. If anyone is interested or has been following John O'Looney generally in recent months, this all seems really odd. This isn't a criticism of him as he seems genuine. Just strange how he's ended up in hospital with covid type symptoms, and his best friend is blaming all of his followers, which doesn't actually make any sense whatsoever.
  14. This just goes to show that the story of how the govt were going against the alleged JCVI "advice" for over 12s was obviously bullshit. The stages are all incrementally planned, with the odd fake curveball thrown in.
  15. https://vigilantcitizen.com/moviesandtv/labyrinth-starring-david-bowie-a-blueprint-to-mind-control/ I always thought the Labyrinth film had a message but when you watch crap like that as a kid, you don't really analyse it
  16. I've struggled to find the original post that the woman shared, so I think the boy and the mum look different. I think she was American the original poster, but I could be mistaken. The original pic was probably in a telegram comments section ages ago and hard to find now...
  17. Hopefully more people that we think are starting to get cynical, judging by the best rated comments on some of these daily fail articles... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10303701/Fury-delayed-booster-drive-jab-1MILLION-day.html#comments-10303701
  18. I think this us fake.no offence but I sent this to my sister and I think the original post was American and not from Peterborough and the mum doesn't look the same on the pics
  19. Yes they want to break down the family unit even more
  20. Wtaf this is mental im not laughing haha but laughing at the actual direct actions of people as a result of that heartless so called announcement
  21. Same, I never watch them and thought fuck it ill just see what he's saying. And ong what an anti climax people will be talking to their spouses now about booking their fkin boosters tho ffs seriously !!!
  22. My sisters work colleagues said they were 2000th in the queue or something when he made the last poxy announcement ffs how dumb r people. Dont mean to be rude but who would fall for that utter drivel hes just imposed into everyone's front rooms on a Sunday night when people are already depressed about their wanky lives haha
  23. Have you tried going to a stand in the park or something to meet like-minded people locally? https://www.astandinthepark.org
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