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  1. It’s actually getting worse tbh, because of how long all this bs has been going on, you actually expect some form of logic or common sense to prevail.... and I don’t actually think more people are waking up, despite what some people think. it’s massively disappointing and disheartening :-( but on the other hand, if people haven’t realised 10 months later that something fuckin weird is going on, I doubt they are going to just suddenly realise now. So it’s kind of their own fault, if they’re not even considering the remote possibility of something alternative being more plausible. Don’t mean to
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-55630726 the bbc, now targeting Asian communities who may be reluctant to vaccinate! This teacher and then the doctor within the article are clearly NOT qualified to tell everyone that the vaccines are safe.... because nobody knows this yet.....
  3. On this topic, I emailed my MP months ago specifically in relation to conflict of interest as the approval of the vaccine was made by the MHRA who obviously received 980k from B&M gates. So I finally received a response, stating that my email has been forwarded to the Secretary of State for health I won’t hold my breath for a response.
  4. I thought at the start of the last lockdown, this is a test for something bigger. (Not straight away as I admit I bought into the fear factor for the first few weeks which brought me here). They clearly wanted to test the compliance of the nation, before introducing something else, so it seemed like a dummy run for something... it just seems like a massive game at the moment that hardly anyone can see. And the most frustrating thing, is so called educated professionals- just repeat the rhetoric as if it’s their own logic explaining all the bullshit measures and justifying them! and
  5. Yeh that’s spot on, people enjoy being smug when it doesn’t directly affect them (yet). people also tend to like to fall in a particular pigeon holed type group to then blame the other groups, old people, young people, people on benefits etc. The vast majority, are happy complying and believe for some deluded reason that they will get normality back, once they’ve had the vaccine! It’s completely weird! An MP visited my mums place of work and said to her that the members of parliament were shocked at how easily everyone complied with the restrictions and lockdown in March last year.
  6. Totally agree, if everyone just stopped getting tested for absolutely no reason that might help... most people I hear of that get tested, are brainwashed into thinking it’s some kind of social responsibility. Most idiots have that stupid app as well. And people who don’t have much going on in their life right now, it obviously gives them something to talk about and be involved in catching “covid”
  7. That’s hilarious-no likes left. They’re obviously selective with who they put on bbc , sky etc - health staff wise...
  8. well, it does beg the question as to whether those that have been fined are just simply paying them? Successful challenges aren’t exactly going to be publicised. And also with it being a private corporation, what the mechanism for challenge or appeal is, and whether that is through the criminal court system.
  9. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1156245121456779&id=100012139052263&fs=0&focus_composer=0 I really don’t know how to share the source of this video, as someone has sent it to me, but it’s on a random persons fb who I’m not friends with. Information about covid breach fines... my friend is waiting for a fine in the post, which we are going to challenge. Don’t know if anyone here has any experience with the fixed penalty fines and whether they are sent by the organisation/ limited company in this video rather than the police, Cps or hm court service.
  10. I have been thinking about this recently, because it will become mandatory in workplaces before the vaccine does. And it probably forms part of the incremental steps towards mandatory vaccines... It will presumably be “guidance” at first, but then there will be some pressure on employers I guess
  11. This is similar to the recent WM ambulance service story on bbc. 5th January apparently their busiest day since March 2018 labelled as “due to Covid”, which clearly isn’t going to be the case for ALL the call outs that day.... more likely people psychologically believing they are ill due to the new lockdown announcement (negative energy / despair) not to mention complete non-covid related events (accidents, RTAs etc), and also suicide attempts due to the announcement the night before perhaps? But will clearly ramp up the fear. Don’t quite understand how it says 700 of the calls were from Londo
  12. Yeah, I definitely agree. I just mean that to some people who aren’t necessarily analysing figures, or reading into actual symptoms (if any) it does appear that there is a virus. And that’s quite difficult to argue with, as people who supposedly have “it” say things like “it’s worse than flu” etc.... therefore, some people are jumping on the band wagon or something is causing a more serious strain or version of flu- possibly the flu vaccine? There’s not necessarily a deadly virus, and certainly no inflated deaths for this time of year, but People tend to believe first or second hand a
  13. I understand where the original poster is coming from, as I’ve probably heard of approx 10 people having “Covid”, some seriously ill and having paramedic attention and one (91yo underlying conditions) has died. So, the 91yo was obviously due to due anyway, so that’s a good example of labelling a normal death as Covid. But the spate of illnesses, is possibly psychological out of fear/ stress and anxiety? Possibly. Or, it’s normal for people to become ill when heir body is overloaded with toxins, from diet or lifestyle. But “believers” would hear those numbers and think they were all ill with Co
  14. It’s a constant worry tbh... particularly in relation to children and their access to services and anything social (cinema, swimming, holidays, school etc). However, they are all non-essential and you can provide positive experiences for your children without all of that. The choice would obviously be removed though.... Personally, I could take a hit on not going to pubs, festivals and anything else along those lines as could most people who are older i expect. Work is obviously more concerning, because of paying bills and day to day living. So you would need to prepare as far as po
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