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  1. Not just idiots, also needy, overreacting and attention seeking. Or bad choices. Most who call an ambulance probably don't need one due to the situation probably not being an actual emergency, and could just get a taxi or a lift if they need checking out... fair enough they should be used for genuine emergencies or baby's who can't breathe properly etc.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/sports-personality/63860954 Sick joke from the BBC....
  3. I think anyone with children is obviously going to be affected by this story whether it was the kids fault or not. But the press pounce on this sort of thing and drag it out as long as they can. Although we aren't told quite as much about the dead children in Syria,Palestine and various other places in the world. Or the trafficked children who are killed daily. One of the kids, the 10yo, apparently was trying to help or save the others who had gone in. Was he an idiot too, for acting on instinct? And the 6yo, who could have copied or followed his older brothers? One or 2 could have been idiots, and one or two copycats or followers, but either way that's irrelevant now given the outcome. Even saying anything about the parents would be speculation, and whether it was their fault or not, plenty of older people on here would have played out for the whole of the day during daylight hours when they were kids and some may have even gone on a frozen lake. Kids make mistakes obviously. One kid at my school played on train tracks and somehow got killed by the wires. But the candlelit vigil stuff, the press like to extend the grieving period of the nation / local area as it probably encourages low vibrational mood and emotions for as long as possible. At a guess, combined with all the other negative news stories pumped into people's psyche on a daily basis. It's normally scousers who do the whole candlelit vigil stuff, unless they were the pioneers.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-63952882 The BBC slip it into the story that one of the shooters was a conspiracy theorist who believed that a mass shooting was a govt ploy to disarm Australians...
  5. https://bartoll.se/2022/11/stew-peters-died-suddenly-psy-op/ Interesting take...I haven't watched it yet and probably won't on the basis it's likepy to be compiled with what we already know, through this forum or telegram channels. I don't know enough about Stew Peters to have an opinion on him...although others on here may do. Obviously the attached link is just someone's opinion but it appears to be a useful analysis.
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/celebrity/article-11467355/Im-Celebrity-2022-Chris-Moyles-SIXTH-star-voted-out.html You know where this is going.... the sad thing is, the public think the worst thing "matt" did was snog his secretary while everyone was locked down and now he's said sorry so it's fine
  7. I thought this when watching it, really fake and insincere wasn't it when she feigned concern for all the alleged victims !! I doubt its her real name either.
  8. It's frustrating because they don't explain themselves. If they went "on air" and apologised for their drastic mistake (maholtra included and Dr John Campbell too, although the latter I have watched less of) you would have more respect and it would seem that the turnaround / waking up theory may carry some weight. But its The timeliness of jab promotion- during rollout period, and criticising them now is neither here nor there really when at least half the population (if not more?) Have taken them. Dr John Campbell original pro vaccine vids are hard to find on YouTube I've noticed, whereas his recent excess death and questioning covid measures ones are suddenly all the rage. People in the comments must be quick to forget? I'm not sure, but during the fake pandemic he had a massive following for some bizarre reason. But he hasn't actually addressed the complete u turn, neither has Oliver. Maholtra claims its his dad dying which made him realise, but I struggle to buy that. He's probably just trying to get sympathy. He's a qualified doctor who promoted an experimental unnecessary jab on live TV ffs and he hasn't once apologised for that (to my knowledge I stand to be corrected if he or any of them have oc) Thats why those Neil Oliver monologues just seem like a pointless load of shit to me as well, why say all that now on a weekly basis after pushing the jabs to innocent gullible retards (no offence) who watch TV and are influenced by what these people say, even worse so, watch GB news and think it's uber alternative. They tend to muddy the water these types of people, so people say "oh, they're on our side, I resonate with what he says" but it's too little too late. Sorry we've kinda derailed the thread topic
  9. I’d like to hear or see a video of him promoting the COVID narrative? https://hugotalks.com/2022/06/06/behold-the-contradiction-gb-news-neil-oliver-hugo-talks/ https://hugotalks.com/2022/10/16/they-cant-handle-the-truth-gbnews-hugo-talks/ For some reason thus other video will only share as a telegram link..... https://t.me/hugotalks/1263 I don't know if anyone else knows how to copying another way?
  10. What's that got to do with Neil Oliver and all the other celebs who've pushed them onto people. do you mean that they had no choice other than to promote it or they would have been killed sorry if I'm missing the point...
  11. I know someone like this, but I think its a cognitive defecit. Significant delay with forming words and sentences, also confusion. This person is only 51, but there has been reports of very early onset dementia as well hasnt there. Such a shame to see.
  12. He heavily promoted the vaccine on TV in 2020 (paid?) Pushing the well known objective of "getting normality back" And also does all those anti establishment monologues (where he uses a lot of eloquent words to say very little) whilst praising the queen. It's hard to like or praise someone who's done a convenient u-turn after convincing people to get it, who are probably now irreversibly damaged. Same as fake Dr John Campbell, who incidentally in the YouTube comments some people actually say "my husband got it because of you" etc.... So its one thing being pro vaccine in an office or whatever, but publicly pushing it to a following is something quite different isn't it. Blood on their hands
  13. Thank you @alexa I cant believe I've only just discovered Richard D Hall...I'm hooked lol I've got so many hours to wade through! I've just watched the Peter hyatt interview re maddie mccan. And I'm gutted his market stall is no longer available
  14. https://www.richplanet.net/richp_genre.php?ref=301&part=1&gen=4 Great response!!!
  15. Can’t say I know much about him tbh but know I can see where he is coming from in the above video. Also here… Have you seen the video of him praising the queen? I think he just pretends to be on our side via quirky GB news. But he lures people in, a bit like Russel brand and all those types of people.
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