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  1. My mum had a similar experience in Asda - she was on the phone to me at the time. They gave her shit for not wearing a mask spoke to her like absolute crap, and insisted she needs to wear an exemption card. Gone are the days where you get any form of customer service in supermarkets (and other places too). It’s as if they know you need to shop there so they have you over a barrel with their attitude. It’s horrendous. I’ve had one incident in Aldi with a mask nazi. Although I offered to show her the legislation (equalities act) and also the govt guidelines re exemption not having to show a card
  2. Yeh I agree, but many won’t. Annoying that the police are secretly using gyms tho ffs
  3. Another reason gyms are closed, so people don’t build up the strength to be able to physically resist when the time comes so it promotes a weaker nation.
  4. I wasn’t watching telly as i don’t watch it. But the point being how many people have it on in the house constantly, I bet it’s a massive percentage.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-56101990 its so irresponsible and disappointing that all these so called famous celebs think they have the authority and the knowledge to inform people that the vaccine is safe!! Ffs. Where are they getting their information from? The bbc or the advertisement makers?? Wtaf not sure if anyone has seen the “could you look him in the eye” advert on TV, which I unfortunately saw last night, but it’s important to Remember the impact of TV brainwashing when some people have the TV on all day every day. And much more so with work
  6. Agree , out of likes literally a waste of time and depressing if you give it too much thought.
  7. That’s good that you’ve stood your ground and it’s paid off. Also, totally agree about not wasting time and energy giving your opinion or debating with fkin idiots. I had a massive lecture from someone at work when I vaguely mentioned that me and my family don’t have/ won’t have vaccines. She’s been a right c*** to me since as well. So it does make you realise you have to choose your audience, or specifically not converse with work people about any of it. Which is annoying cos it seems like you’re being cowardly but it’s just not worth it 9 times out of 10. People are so disappointing. Especia
  8. This is the kind of crap people are spreading on social media.... so anyone with concerns (probably based on instinct if they haven’t actually done any proper research) will be lead to believe that any effects are temporary pull yourself together kinda thing
  9. Thanks is that you tube? When I watch videos on here I can’t work out how to find the link or the name! Thanks :-)
  10. Yeh exactly, but the annoying thing is, that the general populace will not be armed with these sorts of angles when dealing with confrontation. I don’t generally have anxiety, but I’ve probably had a form of it due to what’s going on (as in what’s actually going on not “covid” itself). However, the prospect of going to do a normal shop and the thought of being looked at or challenging could give a lot of people anxiety, and me sometimes. So a lot of (potential) non mask wearers will avoid it, online shops or whatever as they can’t be doing with the hassle. Or ..... they just put a ma
  11. This is hilarious, but no likes left. It’s completely weird when having any of these sort of interactions with the public, how ridiculous and outrageous they actually sound. I was thinking earlier in Tesco, if someone actually accused me of spreading the virus by not wearing a mask, I think I would actually laugh my head off at the absurd nonsensical shite they are coming out with, but in a serious way and actually genuinely believing it ! It’s so bizarre isn’t it ! almost as if everyone else is under a weird spell
  12. I was just wondering, are you exempt or are you just saying youre exempt? Not that you have to explain yourself to your employer (or even say on here), but clearly any level of distress caused by wearing a mask is subjective... so I don’t see how the employer can prove you’re not exempt if you say you are. Therefore, in order to have an exemption according to the “guidelines” it does not necessarily follow that everyone exempt will have medical proof. so countless people could be exempt for psychological reasons that are not documented with a dr or whatever, so the only perso
  13. Thanks Haven’t been on for a few days trying to catch up just replying to your other post actually ....
  14. Do you have a link for the documentary? Thanks
  15. Just wondered how people are doing with supermarkets etc.. it is cowardly saying I’m exempt, I think, but I actually am and only say it when I have to. I had to go to court yesterday with work and explained I’m exempt (which I always do) and obviously was asked for proof which I said I don’t need to produce. Was hoping to say the same in Tesco today without being overly challenged, but I didn’t get asked on entry... and for the first time EVER, a lovely lady shopper said “good for you” and we chatted for ages :-) was so lovely that’s never happened before, even though I’ve always wan
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