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  1. 5 hours ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:


    Is this why PC clock speeds have also stalled the last decade? Intel had 3GHz CPUs over 10 years ago and clicks have largely stuck there, they could have gone faster but instead focused on multi core despite having the technology - they demonstrated 1THz components nearly 20 years ago and DARPA built a 1THz CPU 6 years ago.


    My theory is that they knew the issues with the higher frequencies over 10GHz and because having a 60GHz system under your desk directly causing you illness would be too obvious (can’t have new PC buyers just dropping dead after their purchase), they decided to take a different route.


    Also the whole AI takeover would have been damaged if they weren’t able to develop the AI because the coders kept dying. So they decided to skip those frequencies in computers and solve that issue another way, and instead put the population suppressing technology in the 5G instead.


    Ghz as a clock speed for computer processor has nothing to do with Ghz of radio frequencies 

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