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  1. Did anyone post this yet? From a few days ago already, but I only just saw it. Clair Edwards presents her translation of a report apparently created by members of the French Army Reserve. Pretty much comprehensive appraisal of the whole caboodle..



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  2. Regarding breathing with intention for positive change at the top of the hour (mentioned previous pages) can I just give a quick plug for a teacher who I have learned from, he teaches a technique called “conscious connected breathing”, which is basically a derivative of Judith Kravitz’s Transformational Breath and other similars. 


    You can find a quick video here: https://www.breathguru.com/breathwork/conscious-breathing/


    There’s also an app with more instructional vids and guided sessions available. Recommended. 

    edit: if anyone wants to arrange further times when we can all sync up to do this together, then I’m in

  3. Get rid of the royals entirely. Britain will always have a class problem until it does. How can people be valued equally if one family is above everyone else solely by dint of birth? The fish rots from the head down. 


    I swear, if royalty didn’t exist and we weren’t all programmed from birth by fairy tales etc. - and then someone came and explained the concept to you - you would rightly say it was ridiculous and offensive. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, peter said:

    The earths magnetic field has been weakening for quite a while now coupled with a wandering magnetic north pole ( I haven't looked at what's happening with the south magnetic pole) between 20 & 30km a year back and forth but predominately in a southerly direction,maybe we are in for a pole reversal in the next 50 - 100 years

    Been weakening since 1600, but the trend has been accelerating. 

    Suspicious0bservers YT channel have been covering this for a while and made a website about it here: http://magneticreversal.org/

  5. This is a good book to get, if you want to be armed with "the science" when discussing with doctors or anyone really - I was personally surprised how ill-informed most of the doctors in the Neo-natal department appeared to be when attempting to persuade us to vaccinate our severely-premature infant (we said no..) - basically they didn't want to discuss evidence at all.

    Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies

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