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  1. Did anyone post this yet? From a few days ago already, but I only just saw it. Clair Edwards presents her translation of a report apparently created by members of the French Army Reserve. Pretty much comprehensive appraisal of the whole caboodle..
  2. Regarding breathing with intention for positive change at the top of the hour (mentioned previous pages) can I just give a quick plug for a teacher who I have learned from, he teaches a technique called “conscious connected breathing”, which is basically a derivative of Judith Kravitz’s Transformational Breath and other similars. You can find a quick video here: https://www.breathguru.com/breathwork/conscious-breathing/ There’s also an app with more instructional vids and guided sessions available. Recommended. edit: if anyone wants to arrange further times when we can all sync up to do this together, then I’m in
  3. mrbluesky


    I have been getting interested in pyramids; did I find out about those here? Can't remember. Anyway, said to have a very beneficial effect on plants (and other living things) due to the effect of the shape in gathering ambient energy (AKA chi, prana, orgone, "the force" etc.). More here: https://chestofbooks.com/new-age/metaphysics/Pyramid-Build/
  4. An interesting excerpt from way back when: https://twitter.com/Keith80519590/status/1268544277195489287 edit: apparently it's from Myron Fagan's exposé of the Illuminati and CFR, released in 1967 on three LP's... audio here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrUXPn7HCjM
  5. Fair enough. Here’s something about the Gurkhas being on guard duty at the royal palaces - it’s mentioned in one of the videos above: https://www.forces.net/services/gurkhas/behind-scenes-gurkha-engineers-queens-guard-duties
  6. Get rid of the royals entirely. Britain will always have a class problem until it does. How can people be valued equally if one family is above everyone else solely by dint of birth? The fish rots from the head down. I swear, if royalty didn’t exist and we weren’t all programmed from birth by fairy tales etc. - and then someone came and explained the concept to you - you would rightly say it was ridiculous and offensive.
  7. Been weakening since 1600, but the trend has been accelerating. Suspicious0bservers YT channel have been covering this for a while and made a website about it here: http://magneticreversal.org/
  8. I don't see this as having gotten a mention anywhere else, so I'll post it here. Due to problems like the site has just experienced, as well as the increasingly heavy censorship we are seeing currently, I think the future of web technology belongs to https://safenetwork.tech or something very much like it. Check it out :)
  9. This is a good book to get, if you want to be armed with "the science" when discussing with doctors or anyone really - I was personally surprised how ill-informed most of the doctors in the Neo-natal department appeared to be when attempting to persuade us to vaccinate our severely-premature infant (we said no..) - basically they didn't want to discuss evidence at all. Miller's Review of Critical Vaccine Studies
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