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  1. Im here because Facebook I .... FB I which is exactly who it really is ..... wont let me state the truth about the human conditioning to be a dog. What do men behave just like ? Dogs God on the cross is Dog in male image ..... Dont worship a false God it might be a Dog on the cross.... which is what the son was before he crossed over to the right right and positive side of life and not the li of life but the fe free energy ..... Fear raef raef Dog is mans best friend for a reason , reason to know the reason
  2. W.or.d.s. = Why or Dog Stupid THe construct of conditioning is to be a dog ....called dogged dog god ego disease..... Devil is dog evil live god . Men evi l.O ve Women today Men WOmen evi l.O ve ??????? and they all became the same indifferent via that ego dis ease disease. A double left wrong and negative..... Alphabeta Alpha bet a double left wrong and negative aspect as expected God on the cross is Dog in male image ...... Fear is raef raef Dogma is Dog making reversed is Am God Ego DIsease reversed is Esa es I Dog e , That is I dog e Ego DIsease Dogma Am God esa es I Dog e , Am God that is I dog e....... nergy . Dogma Matrix Dog M through A Trix Its ok call me crazy c real a through z Y ....... I can make anyone a genius in less than a hour....... but the confusion has dumbed society down.... so c i ego top Y ..... a con infusion of conditioning a con addition thing .... Two parts to everything ....Thinking only thin knowing , Try reasoning a real son thing .....
  3. The truth is within the words..... The construct of conditioning is language Exit sentence by staying true to y-our exi-stence.
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