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  1. Original article referenced in the video https://www.bbc.com/news/60145237
  2. Sorry to go off topic, but there is a new variant. BA.2 or 2 Ba's Ba Ba
  3. It goes on a chalk board at HQ, those who achieve the most get a cuddle and finger of fudge from Sergeant Major.
  4. Find a covid news link in past two pages of posts about Jews.
  5. But there is entire forum that can be posted in https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/forum/40-covid-19-nwo/
  6. I think it's time this thread was locked. It served it purposed a long time ago and now it's just a ranting thread. It appears that there are members working as a team, or perhaps a brigade to divert this topic by arguing among themselves forcing covid related posts back Lock the thread and watch them scurry away.
  7. Fascinating. Nothing to do with Covid though.
  8. UK Health Security Agency claiming your 8 times more likely to be in hospital if you are not double stabbed. A figure that has been debunked so many times but they still use it.
  9. If there is more to come post it in the correct section then not the covid thread.
  10. She also writes: "No excuses. Too many people who happily put meals containing who-knows-what chemicals into their bodies, or those who ingest recreational drugs cut with let’s-not-even-go-there have said they won’t have the jab because they don’t know what’s in it." I suspect the anti vaxxers are not the ones doing this. They rejected their chance for a free donut. Anti vaxxers tend to be quite clued op on natural health. "Perhaps we should even make unvaccinated patients pay for the NHS care they are statistically so much more likely to need after refusing their jabs? Maybe the money should go directly into the pockets of the exhausted doctors and nurses who will have to treat them, seeing as they’ve unnecessarily added to their back-breaking workload." Statistically they are not, and the doctors were not exactly over worked either. Doesn't surprise me. Labour and the left seem to be the most rabid vaccine and lock down fanatics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robin_Corbett,_Baron_Corbett_of_Castle_Vale
  11. Link to farticle quoting Devil Siridhar. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/as-covid-restrictions-ease-its-26046616 “If everyone who was offered a vaccine and booster would take it, the pandemic would be effectively over in richer countries,” clarifies the consistently reliable Devi Sridhar, chair of global public health at the University of Edinburgh. Getting vaccinated is good for us personally, and for everyone else too. It is the very clear way out. What’s not to love? The Get Boosted campaign was a start, but now it needs to go a stage further. The vaccine hesitant – those who are afraid, because they’ve genuinely fallen for untrue propaganda – need to be persuaded. The ­militant, rabid anti-vaxxers will never be persuaded, so they need to be forced." Polly herself looks like she had too much of the Satan juice. Clearly affected her facial muscles.
  12. Belfield talks to Mark Steele about 5G. Belfield doesn't shut him down but suggests he doesn't know about it and would need to see more evidence. Interesting how Steele got through, so Belfield must have his number.. Notice the butterflys on the shirt.
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