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  1. Irish taoiseach Leo Varadkar says what the unvaccinated and vaccinated can and can't do, including no masks indoors for the vaccinated. The only masks the Irish should be wearing are balaclavas. Doesn't follow his own guidance though https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/26/irish-taoiseach-leo-varadkar-denies-picnic-with-friends-was-covid-19-rule-breach 3b3c55f833.mp4
  2. https://www.rememberme2020.uk "Welcome to this on-line book of remembrance for all those who have died as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK." So not actually of it... They love their symbolism. https://www.rememberme2020.uk/remember/
  3. Piers Corbyn interrupts Sadiq Khan's mayoral announcement with some much-needed questions about vaccine deaths. Look at the background behind the speaker.... 418b39bbd5.mp4
  4. Don't just read the headlines, it's clickbait and has no reference to the actual story. Coronavirus: British granddad died 'after contracting virus from skier in restaurant' https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-british-man-88-died-after-contracting-virus-from-skier-in-restaurant-11958214 I took this story apart in a different topic. There is no evidence at all the story that the person (if he existed) got covid from meeting a skier in a restaurant. The only reference to the fact he met a skier who returned for Italy was a quote from his local church.
  5. https://www.lep.co.uk/health/coronavirus/long-way-to-go-before-face-masks-and-social-distancing-will-be-scrapped-says-vaccine-chief-3230030 'Long way to go' before face masks and social distancing will be scrapped, says vaccine chief The head of the Oxford University vaccine group has said that although he believes there will be the end of social distancing and the wearing of face masks in the future, there’s still a “long way to go”.
  6. "Runshaw has not confirmed the exact number of cases, but sources say "at least" 30 people have tested positive. The college has confirmed that "some" of those affected have contratced the Indian variant." So absolutely no evidence they have had an Indian, no discussion of the testing method to decide whether it was a Bhuna or Vindaloo. Noone in hospital, just 30 positive case probably from the flawed lateral flow test. "In an update to college staff last night, principal and CEO Clare Russell confirmed that "genetic testing" had uncovered the Indian
  7. Syndicate Wars is another. Viruses, Microchipping and corporations. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syndicate_Wars At the game's opening, the player-controlled syndicate (called EuroCorp) is at the peak of its power (achieved during the previous game), a megacorporation controlling the world through a combination of military and economic power, and technological mind control, using the CHIP implant technology they developed.[3] Corporate decisions are facilitated through a number of AI entities connected through a global communications network. As
  8. So the Chinese military are also behind: The great reset Klaus Schwab The 300 + page Coronavirus Bill Putting DNRs are people with learning difficulties Big pharma profits The Stanley Johnson virus novel Fake news and staged hospitals etc, etc If they are. Some one has asked them to do it. However all this does is reinforce the claim that we need the vaccines and the covid laws, because there really was a virus.
  9. The Army and councils were running training events for young people for this scenario as far back as 2013.
  10. How do they even know though? How have the cases actually been tested for it? what lab? Its BS scaremongering by the scum media. I had the misfortune to catch North West tonight. Big outbreak Bolton way too. The BBCs words were... "We believe some cases are the Indian variant... but we are not quite sure" So you don't know then, so don't speculate.
  11. He referred to soursop as a cancer cure. It was apricot kernels he said were restricted.
  12. From last year: a42048c622.mp4
  13. Exactly Waving homemade cardboards placards and getting kettled in to an area to be controlled by the police isn't going to change anything. There are pied pipers controlling these protests. Turning up and targeting the perpetrators would be better, BBC, Sky studios, Imperial College. People must know where the likes of Neil Ferguson live?
  14. Reporter gets owned. f4758833a5.mp4
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