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  1. https://www.facebook.com/lilzoelee/videos/10158502844469137


    Pregnant Zoe Lee Arrested by Masked, Costumed Gestapo on Conjured FEDBOOK Charges.
    For a Facebook Post!!!

    The NEW Terms and Conditions Revealed this Morning.

    Not Even Implemented until OCTOBER, BUT, Australian Lockstep Terminators are Getting a Head Start.

    Picking on Defenceless, Women and Children First to 'Test the Waters.'

    Names and Robot Numbers Please, as you shall ALL be Held Personally Accountable in a Real Court of Law.
    (Not the Fake Rubber Stamped Corporate Ones) when this PSYOP is Revealed in FULL.


  2. Hi David and Gareth, I know you are familiar with the Hijacking of our Birthright (Rome etc)
    Have you heard Darren ad Darryl on Ccrow?
    Also the Worldwide Satanic Paedo Cult is Hardly brought up here in OZ as things are So 'Stiched Up' with Moloch Murdoch at the Helm.

    Politician Paedophiles Bury Everything...

    The Australian Government System is just Another Exercise in Corruption.
    The Constitution is Ignored and they do Whatever they Please.
    Indentured Slaves from Birth

    I am So Sickened by the Whole Shit Show!
    Thank You for your Courage Guys...
    Love Cassie in OZ

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  3. On 5/17/2020 at 1:11 AM, rideforever said:

    Some enterprising people should buy a 5G transmitter and a pair of guinea pigs and test the thing on one of them and see if they get sick.

    Or bees.

    Should be quite easy to do.

    If the animals get sick just livestream it on the internet.

    > just emailed one of the scientists who is campaigning against and suggested to him ... crowdfunding $100k would not be difficult.

    Those "Tests" have Already been done with Bees, Plants.
    Bees, Birds and Plants Die.

    Do Your Research...
    EMF Sensitive Humans Cannot stand WiFi or 3G 4G and Experience Immediate Heat, Prickling of Skin and Nausea.
    You could Volunteer but I would Strongly Suggest you Don't.
    Also, Sacrificing other Species for our 'Convenience' is Archaic Anathema that got us to the Lack of Consciousness now on Display on Planet Earth.



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  4. 1 hour ago, yass said:

    I just want to say that with the Zaythus Network Boards, where often enough board owners got their boards hacked, the board providers warned them that their personal email accounts were vulnerable, that they should have super strong email account passwords (no matter how strong the forum password a person had, the personal email account of that person was the most vulnerable spot for a hacker to hack into and gain access).


    They said hackers can relatively easily break into email accounts with weaker passwords and from there they can gain access to the boards.


    Just want to pass that on, in hopes it helps for security.


    Onya Gareth and yass...Great but Annoying Work.
    Means we are "Getting" to Them, (as if You Didn't Know)
    Love Cassie in OZ

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