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  1. Interesting film and one of my favourites. Its about ants evolving and becoming super intelligent. At the end the humans are assimilated into the ants hive mind. Saul bass's only film, he worked with Kubrick. I'm assuming this is an alternative title, it may be listed on IMDB.
  2. Getting cover stories in place. Sorry for the fail link. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-10205131/British-clinicians-reporting-extreme-tic-disorder-affecting-young-adults.html Hiding vaxx injuries by using an existing issue? https://adc.bmj.com/content/archdischild/early/2021/03/06/archdischild-2021-321748.full.pdf
  3. Doesn't Peter Thiel have property in NZ and that guy who owned Steam?
  4. Yeah, I was slightly grumpy late last night/early this morning. I understand certain things make life easier. TBH I wouldn't really begrudge someone using a digital camera. Smart phones/devices are the real issue. They will be used against us, I have no doubt about that. Things have changed on here since the days of Anders, Steppewar and the JS thread, trying to find my feet but its nice to be posting amongst friendly people again.
  5. Well, oh dear, what a mess this thread has become. Mac's right, but even what he's suggesting doesn't go far enough to cut them off from us. If people with 1k plus posts can't see the truth of ditching their smart phone security teat. Snowballs chance in hell is what springs to mind. Talk of defeating them by using digital devices such as digital cameras and the like. All backed up on your main digital device thats linked to the net and can be scanned anyway. To cut them off would mean a return to life circa 1994 at the very latest and most of the Truth movement doesn't have it in them to do this.
  6. How widespread it is I don't know, but in one instance someone was not allowed to take out cash in person over the counter. It was under the daily amount needed to give notice. They were asked what it was for! And refused. Remember serfs, its not really your money and we'd prefer it if you used contactless payment, alongside your contactless life...
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