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  1. Fair point. But honestly if there is no dream for the future, then we may as well all just check out now.
  2. Without dreamers, imagine how your world would look... what invetions or innovations... just imagine.
  3. Personally I see this as the opportunity to finally remove a system I was born into but had no choice in. It may be possible that we can finally break free of our tyranny. But all institutuions need to fall. Things need to be started from the begining with a system built by the people for the poeple. A system that has 100% transparency for anything publc and the private lives of people should remain as such and not the inversion of this we currently suffer. Unfortunatley to get there more people need to wake up and I am not so sure whether this can be remedied with the peaceful tools at our disposal as it would seem that all recourse is currently owned by our masters, so using the law may not be any good.. besides, the ptb still have the pointiest sticks. Maybe large scale disobedience may work, but realistically this current state will go on until the penny drops in many more people. At the moment they have bought time with the injection, as people still think it is the magic bullet, but that dream has to wear off as the reality continues. Or at least i keep telling myself it surley must.
  4. Thank You DarianF. I am well versed in all sides of the current debate and have brought my partner up to speed at all turns. Unfortunately her employers beleive they are in the middle of a health crisis and do not care about any workers personal views of it.
  5. So I have a first hand story... My partner works in a care home which specialises in brain injury. Over the last ten months of this hysteria a number of her residents had tested positive, some where ill but, most had no symptoms. The staff where the same. Incidents were spaced out and there never seemed to be anything of transmission. My partner worked around these people and never got ill, although always refused the test. Just over two weeks ago the first installment of the injection was administered to all residents whom had no ability to refuse and to most of the staff... my partner and four others refused. Two days later two of the residents had died and six others now tested positive. Staff sickness was off the scale and by the third day my partner came home with a fever and became ill. Her work then coerced her into taking a test otherwise she could not go back. This came back positive. over the next few days she progressivly became better. I on the otherhand have most definately become not so well. No taste or smell and feeling a lack of energy along with dizzyspells. My partner went back to work a couple of days ago only to find out another three residents have checked out permantly and pretty much the whole home has positive cases. Now while I don't think we have some new killer disease amoungst us, I have been left with unanswered questions. My mind is drawn to wondering if there was something released within the injections, who knows. Having no taste or smell is a slight worry but it has its benifits as now i can eat food i dont like... every cloud.
  6. Also on Sky News is an advert for Petronas which appears to be running along the same agenda of Great Reset.
  7. Ok so here is my next prediction which I had thought of quite a while ago but now does seem to be rolling out. I had thought that really the best way for our leaders to give everyone the injection of whatever it is, would be to close the county borders, close all shops except the supermarkets and place vacine posts in the car parks of each supermarket manned by the army and therefore you would be able to funnel the most of the population through this as everyone needs to eat and by using intimidation be able to coerce most. I see this week in the Daily Mail that Asda in Birmingham are now setting up a vacine hub and other MSM covering the rollout now to chemists as well. How long before they begin funneling? Possibly once they run out of the willing idiots but the infrastructure looks like that may well be the near future.
  8. I realise I spelt "reciprocal" badly wrong and thought I should recognise that*
  9. The time is coming now. Piers Corbyn words of wisdom. networks are now needed... home defence? what do you think? People ready to go to anothers defence... maybe we should all agree with our nearest an oath to come to aid if needed, with of course riceprical arrangements.
  10. Clearly none of this can stop, the actors have waded in too deep to turn back now and therefore it can only go in one direction. Lockdowns on local level, possibly leading to full lockdown. I have said before that I think they will use local lockdowns to deliberatley cause tension in certain communities so as to be able to roll out the control. This I think may be what happens in Leicester if they keep being targetted. I also think there will be another tool they will bring into effect, for it is possible they bring into law something that prosecutes people whom knowingly infect others... so not adhearing to quarantine or mask wearing when told to. It may even be an offence that goes as far as being culpable for manslaughter should someone die. Their power rests upon the peices of paper they write and print on and everyones beleif of its legitamacy.
  11. I have said this before, but the leg of a pair of tights pulled over your head with or without eye holes. No one can challenge this as a material face covering and of course you get to look iike a bank robber from an episode of the sweeny... all good and im sure slightly disconcerting for observors.
  12. No, you are correct... I may travel, that is as long as I have permission and a peice of paper confirming my privilage. When people are in prison, they can also get permissions and privilages, so really the difference is negligable. Of course people whom commit violence against others should not be able to do so without recourse, but I am not sure how reliable the numbers you provide are. I mean 80,000 is a very neat round number somewhere akin to 70% of statistics are made up. You also seem to think that all or most of the young musilim men that come here are coming here purely for nafarious reasons, whereas I would suggest that the majority are coming in order to pave the way for a better life for themselves and thier families. Of course I shall not say that there are not those whom might come here with nothing other on their mind than causing trouble in another nation and of course this is very un-english behaviour...
  13. Indeed I have noble thoughts...lol. And yes I live in an area where many of my neighbours are of foreign persuasion and really it has no impact on me if i live next door to a rude English person or rude whoever. You mention AI, but when the jobs go or we are no longer needed (check how essential you are currently), we will all be in the same boat, 4th, 5th, 6th generation of English person and new arrivals alike. It may even transpire that we will be glad of young men whom are battle hardened and possibly have more backbone than I am currently witnessing from the majority of this population. I must say I do understand the fortress mentality, you know, build walls to protect your resources from the others, the outsiders, those who dont resemble me. But I would suggest that it is exactly that mentality that has allowed rulers around the world to errect massive open air prisons better known as countries, because the walls we build to keep the others out also keep us in.
  14. Seriously... The world is on the brink of... well not quite sure what, but certainly not good and that nonsensical Farrage is concerned that a few thousnd people whose lives were more than likely bloody awful before have come here and are getting somthing for nothing... Is it possible that these people have come from countries that this country and other wealthy western nations have plundered in the past and present? Hmmm something for nothing.
  15. The BBC are running an article on 5g and corona con/therioes. On the face of it they are letting unhappy people speak their peice, although it does look as though they have unbalanced the people argueing through academic acumen... i.e. those representing the concerns seem to have been picked in order to make the argument seem like rambling idiots beleiving anything. Good old BBC always giving balance.
  16. I'm surprised a thread on this subject didn't start sooner. Needless to say, local lockdowns have been on the agenda since the publication of the governments 50 page plan to rebuild pubished in May (and probably some time before that). This will be the perfect way to usher in a police state. Maybe it starts with whole city, but soon it will be parts of cities. The ease at which authorities can police say a deprived estate as opposed to a whole country is obvious. Of course if some communities feel they are being unfairly targeted, this will further fan the flames of division within society. It's possible that the controllers wont have to lift a finger to reduce the population, they may be able to rely on the population reducing itself. I also beleive that this will go on for the next 2-3 months until the next phase begins... total lockdown maybe? But definately something else.
  17. Watching this on BBC this morning before any details of the man had been relased. The BBC interviewed someone whom they claimed was an eye witness to the event. The man heard from a voice recording, described the assailant as a 'man' whom ran up to a group of 8+ middle aged men and started stabbing, then run towards this mans group before chasing other groups of men. Strangley the BBC journos didn't seemed to concerned to have asked this man for a description of the assailent nor did this man provide one. Nor did they ask if he could see any motivation, nor did this man provide one... go figure.
  18. The point I was making is that the majority of humans will require someone to follow to find freedom and they will also need to be told that they are free by someone, such is the human condition.
  19. Here is a controversial thought... the only way humaninty will ever get to freedom, is if a dictator leads them to it. Sad but I think is true, as most of humanity doesn't want thier freedom and would have to be forced to be free. So it may be time to find a trustworthy dictator!
  20. Technically you will only get to choose one battlefield and that will be your defensive one. All other fields of battle are predetermined by the aggresors, because it can onle be in response to the moves they make that a field of battle is sought and therefore it is only at the point that you become the aggresor that will you be able to choose.
  21. Running and hiding may extend your existence for a period of time but will ultimatly further divide a united front in what can only be seen as the final battle for humanity.
  22. Forgive me for asking but, in this age of technology, where exactly is off grid enough that a collection of like minded people dont just show up as a target on some controllers screen?
  23. You cant hide from what is coming, nor can you seperate from it. All the 'awake' people can do now is plan and wait... eventually more zombies will awaken from their virus without a clue of what to do.
  24. A pair of tights could be used as a face covering, the interpretation seems loose.
  25. The problem with AI is it is fallable, its obvious achillies heal is its need for energy to be constantly fed to it, which is easier to disrupt than human robots.
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