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  1. I am in two minds with this, but when something looks subversive, the question should always be asked.
  2. Watched this protest and as I said before with a past protest, the people are being entertained, which is a distraction. These shows are embarassing.
  3. I am watching Sky news, BBC and there seems to be a lot of admission, discussion and an overall air of discomfort going on. It looks as though something has happened, but I am sure the perpetrators will not be really finished, this is just the next phase.
  4. Really it doesn't matter how this goes, if people drop down dead en masse in one country, people in other countries will be sheilded from the information by the media. Also If people start dropping and the line is fed that it is a new variant, more idiots will clamber for the injection. They own the information channels and therfore they own the game.
  5. That is an icredibly diplomatic way to say do not incriminate yourself to the thought police by allowing your mind to spill on these pages. Am I right?
  6. It probably isn't designed to kill everyone. It probably is to change the people but will kill many through the process. Their true targets will be those they can't control and will not conform... Hello :)
  7. If you repeatedly administer something dangerous, eventually you will hit the target.
  8. The only way really is to flatten all institutions and to start again. Technology could be our friend but it isn't. There needs to be a re-think on what can give the people hope for the future without just going back to the same. It's ok to see fault in what is in front of you, but you will never get the people to move to change it unless... a: Things are so bad. and... b: There is a credible alterantive. In my mind (a) is heading our way fast, but (b) is missing from the narrative.
  9. I hope you are right, but even so it may already be too late. Also I don't think anyone one has ever experianced in our lifetime the levels of brainwashing that is happening and this is an important factor.
  10. The system by design keeps people in a stress position. A system built by the people would be from a starting point of freedom, and then deciding which rules people can live with, not live under. How this system ever got built is beyond me if the people were free to start with, then why is all the freedom in history fought for? How did they allow themselves to become slaves in the first place? And how did they not even realise? Questions no one can really answer, but can the people rise above this now?
  11. Its a nice thought, but fear drives them as well and as you see, the exodus from post is not happening, they remain. I think the chaos to come will make them entrnch themselve further in the role of protectors of the state. Because this genocide will take place with much more psycholgical attacks than are currently happening. The covid will become a side part of this and just the excuse to blame death on.
  12. Biggest problem I see is that there is no clear organisation or direction. The protesters walk and dance around the streets of London. The organisation that is visable seems not to be effective and almost possibly close to establishment figures, if not slighly removed. I wonder really what paradigm this is.
  13. Thank you for that, but I am almost sure that those that are above the system care not anyway for the words they have written on parchment. This will not be won in the courts.
  14. But the Genocide wont stop with the foolish. I personaly stand out a mile as anti government by doing no more than living as I feel I wish to and in which, in previous times was perfectly acceptable. Evidence on store cameras etc.. I can see in my forsight what is coming and honestly it seems as though even those protesting can not really see the scale of what is happening, or I suggest they should be angrier and more desperate as this is happening right now, genocide of biblical scale.
  15. Things are far enough gone to know we are already in victory or death terrirtory.
  16. At this point, people should be walking in to these public buildings and reclaiming them (peacefully), but reclaiming them all the same. Begging the masters to stop the genocide and for the media to stop their bardic function may just prove fruitless now.
  17. You really should have backed up your theory with some source material. I believe you might find what you are looking for on the BBC or Gaurdian websites. But seriously, if you are not an agitater, then maybe you should look further into world you live in because it is not as it seems. I for one really don't wish for the old normal, for it was only just bearable. My hope is for a new normal, but not theirs.
  18. If the withdrawn medication is life threatening, then legally they shoud not be able to do it, but also could be a good opportunity for a mass protest to highlight!
  19. What I will say is that I find it suspicious that in all the overhead pictures the BBC, DM etc. are showing of funeral pyres in India, they certainly do seem to not have any remains visable and really a wood fire would not burn bones in such a perfect way.
  20. I appreciate what you are saying and many are just waking up. But my question is are they really awake when so easily distracted by bread and circus?
  21. Honestly, this is so serious that it needs to go to the front of parliment and No.10 to ask why this genocide is happening.
  22. I have been watching the protest... Is it me or does it appear to have been subverted by musicians, entertainers, left wing activists and some weird old guy claiming covid is real? The absence of police? What is happening here? It seems the protest has been turned into a party and not a reflection of the true intent which should really be the rightous anger and indignation of a people whom are being genocided. Seriously, boris has pledged 78% of us, but it still seems the penny hasn't dropped.
  23. I appreciate the information... But seriously, it the first time I have witnessed it and I can only summise it was mechanichal.
  24. So something really odd on Sky News this morning around 7.30 which I felt may be worth a mention, not sure if others on here had seen it. The presenter (cant think of name) was interviewing some psuedo scientist lady from some institute that studies meteorological things (wasn't really paying attention). He is in the studio and is facing her on a large screen as she is using a video call. Her reason was to talk in a possible Spanish broken English about how the polution levels, sunshine and other wheather may or may not have an effect on covid. This was not the strange thing though. The presenter asked her the first question and she bagan to speak in her accent, her head moving, her eyes blinking, but her lips were still. it lasted for a maybe 15 seconds and cut away to a montage of Bournemouth beach. Ok, the montage and her talk go on for around forty seconds and it cuts back to the studio and the presenter is now asking her the second question, she is reacting in real time as he speaks, nodding and making hmm hum noises in all the right places and as he finishes the question she goes to speak, head moving, eyes moving, the voice comes out but no lips moving although the muscles look as though they want to. this goes on for maybe ten seconds before they cut quickly away again to the same montage of Bournemouth beach and she speaks away in the background. the peice ends and doesent even go back to show the goodbye. I would not like to speculate as to what I was seeing, but it was most disturbing.
  25. I think what could be done that is useful, would be to set a time and date for people to just gather in their nearest city or town for just one hour, not a protest. Just merely an exercise of numbers and a show of such to just see how many come out against the lockdown, but it would need to be heavily advertised and just as a quiet show of disatifaction. Symbolically the date in March when lockdown began should be already a goal of those whom are against all this. Just an idea.
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