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  1. You really should have backed up your theory with some source material. I believe you might find what you are looking for on the BBC or Gaurdian websites. But seriously, if you are not an agitater, then maybe you should look further into world you live in because it is not as it seems. I for one really don't wish for the old normal, for it was only just bearable. My hope is for a new normal, but not theirs.
  2. If the withdrawn medication is life threatening, then legally they shoud not be able to do it, but also could be a good opportunity for a mass protest to highlight!
  3. What I will say is that I find it suspicious that in all the overhead pictures the BBC, DM etc. are showing of funeral pyres in India, they certainly do seem to not have any remains visable and really a wood fire would not burn bones in such a perfect way.
  4. I appreciate what you are saying and many are just waking up. But my question is are they really awake when so easily distracted by bread and circus?
  5. Honestly, this is so serious that it needs to go to the front of parliment and No.10 to ask why this genocide is happening.
  6. I have been watching the protest... Is it me or does it appear to have been subverted by musicians, entertainers, left wing activists and some weird old guy claiming covid is real? The absence of police? What is happening here? It seems the protest has been turned into a party and not a reflection of the true intent which should really be the rightous anger and indignation of a people whom are being genocided. Seriously, boris has pledged 78% of us, but it still seems the penny hasn't dropped.
  7. I appreciate the information... But seriously, it the first time I have witnessed it and I can only summise it was mechanichal.
  8. So something really odd on Sky News this morning around 7.30 which I felt may be worth a mention, not sure if others on here had seen it. The presenter (cant think of name) was interviewing some psuedo scientist lady from some institute that studies meteorological things (wasn't really paying attention). He is in the studio and is facing her on a large screen as she is using a video call. Her reason was to talk in a possible Spanish broken English about how the polution levels, sunshine and other wheather may or may not have an effect on covid. This was not the strange thing though. The p
  9. Also on Sky News is an advert for Petronas which appears to be running along the same agenda of Great Reset.
  10. Ok so here is my next prediction which I had thought of quite a while ago but now does seem to be rolling out. I had thought that really the best way for our leaders to give everyone the injection of whatever it is, would be to close the county borders, close all shops except the supermarkets and place vacine posts in the car parks of each supermarket manned by the army and therefore you would be able to funnel the most of the population through this as everyone needs to eat and by using intimidation be able to coerce most. I see this week in the Daily Mail that Asda in Birmingham are now sett
  11. I realise I spelt "reciprocal" badly wrong and thought I should recognise that*
  12. The time is coming now. Piers Corbyn words of wisdom. networks are now needed... home defence? what do you think? People ready to go to anothers defence... maybe we should all agree with our nearest an oath to come to aid if needed, with of course riceprical arrangements.
  13. Clearly none of this can stop, the actors have waded in too deep to turn back now and therefore it can only go in one direction. Lockdowns on local level, possibly leading to full lockdown. I have said before that I think they will use local lockdowns to deliberatley cause tension in certain communities so as to be able to roll out the control. This I think may be what happens in Leicester if they keep being targetted. I also think there will be another tool they will bring into effect, for it is possible they bring into law something that prosecutes people whom knowingly infect others... so n
  14. I have said this before, but the leg of a pair of tights pulled over your head with or without eye holes. No one can challenge this as a material face covering and of course you get to look iike a bank robber from an episode of the sweeny... all good and im sure slightly disconcerting for observors.
  15. No, you are correct... I may travel, that is as long as I have permission and a peice of paper confirming my privilage. When people are in prison, they can also get permissions and privilages, so really the difference is negligable. Of course people whom commit violence against others should not be able to do so without recourse, but I am not sure how reliable the numbers you provide are. I mean 80,000 is a very neat round number somewhere akin to 70% of statistics are made up. You also seem to think that all or most of the young musilim men that come here are coming here purely for nafarious
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