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  1. If anything an agent is not going to stand out.
  2. Wow are you really judging someone on what choice of clothes they are wearing? So that makes her an agent? Ridiculous. I saw loads of people there dressed oddly. That's just their style, who tf cares. A lot of eccentrics there, doesn't make them agents jeez.
  3. It is NOT an undercover officer. That was an older woman, and the police WERE being heavy handed. When they came and stormed the speeches at Trafalgar, they arrested the German doctor and then it all went a bit mad. The protestors went off to march through Central London and then to Hyde Park. When we were in Hyde Park, they started on a guy playing guitar and proceeded to kick him and taze him. I went up to the riot police and asked them wtf is going on and one of them shoved me backwards. They also attacked my brother for no reason and my cousin, who were trying to help from stopping protestors getting angry and attacking the police back! So don't believe the people crying crisis actor etc. The police ARE bullies and WILL attack you for NO reason.
  4. That doesn't make any sense as the whole point of the protest was against those exact rules. Anyway, I was there and they did not shut down the protest, it still went on for a good few hours with a march through central London so don't believe everything you read about it. They tried to ruin it towards the end by arresting the German doctor. We will be back.
  5. OK. @Mitochondrial Eve has replied giving you the info!
  6. But the protest isn't going to be following those rules. Who cares what they say. Obviously this protest isn't going to be observing social distancing.
  7. Apparently they were doing group coach rentals so people could chip in and come together from different locations outside of London.
  8. Why would we be observing and complying with their rules within a protest AGAINST their rules! Come on. Rules or no rules, the event will go ahead and we will not be social distancing or any of that bs.
  9. Of course it will happen! A new lockdown is even more of a reason for people to go as that's the whole point of this event! Get your asses up and go on Sat, tell your friends and family.
  10. The vaccine will get rid of those people. That's why they're so hell bent on getting everyone injected. Couple that with 5g and majority of people's immune systems being weakened by stress, bad diet, mask wearing and fear... There you have it. Loads of dead people.
  11. Yes, I agree with you here. The only ones who should be shown any sort of empathy should be the elderly who are easily confused, mentally ill people and children as it isn't their fault. Everyone else has been given logic and rational thinking to see this is bs, even the MSM have told them countless times that they lied about covid etc yet these idiots still choose to believe them? That's their problem and they shouldn't be shown any sympathy for wilfully choosing ignorance. They are our demise.
  12. This! No doubt about it, this poster is a paid disinfo agent. It is very obvious especially in light of his recent posts.
  13. Wow, what a load of BS. The police charged and provoked a peaceful crowd who were not even paying any attention to them. They lie.
  14. They had all diff ones... I am pretty sure it was 1.5 feet in Germany.
  15. A lot of my family members attended. I was meant to go but I had to work. This protest is linked to the one that happened a few weeks back that David spoke at and is linked to the one on the 26th too. If you have Instagram, standupx post about these events as they are one of the organisers.
  16. But in other countries it wasn't 6 feet...
  17. He's cute! Anyone know who he is?
  18. Not true. First of all only a small percentage of people aren't wearing masks. Also, the lame stream are already reporting cases increasing, yet more people are wearing masks than before, so why are cases increasing if masks stop the virus? LOL. There have been multiple protests, which started back in May, yet none of these people contracted this so called virus. You're either suffering from delayed cognitive dissonance or you're a shill.
  19. What you're saying makes NO sense. You just said yourself the mask is just a THIN piece of fabric. Viruses are SO tiny, these masks literally do NOTHING to stop any form of transmission. So either you're a shill, or you are stupid. What is it?
  20. But how many of us need to call on the divine realm for it to work?
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