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  1. Hey guys, I am trying to promote a new freedom social media platform for the people! I and a few others have been working on it for quite some time now and we are almost ready to launch! It would be great if you could go and have a look and potentially sign up and share with others! I have made a thread in the Solutions section but have posted the link here as well as that area of the forum doesn't get very many visitors! Thank you!
  2. Yep! So blatant, I don't understand how others don't get it especially when you spell it out for them too.
  3. Thank you Jayne! We really do, we are almost ready to launch so keep an eye out and share with as many people as possible! Big love
  4. You don't have to use your real name to sign up, all the sign up list is for is so people are notified when the platform is ready and launched for public use! I don't think creating a freedom platform makes anyone a target or an extremist just for signing up! It's just an alternative social media platform. Loads of alternative platforms have been launched lately and more will be if the big ones keep censoring us. Also, it's a bit hypocritical of you to say as you are signed up to and using the DI forum as a truther platform, so I could say the same back to you about being labelled an extremist etc.
  5. Completely wrong! MI5 I am personally involved in this project and know the person behind it. You couldn't be further from the truth! At a time like this, I think we really need a platform such as this one. You don't have to support it if you don't want to, but please don't try and put other people off. We have worked SO hard on this, you can't even comprehend!
  6. Hi, Thanks for your post. Can I ask when your source said this would come into effect exactly? Hopefully not soon!
  7. Hi guys, I hope you are all good! I would like to invite you to join our brand new and uncensored social media platform myself and a small team have been working on! VIVLEO.COM! As well all sadly know, free speech is rapidly becoming a thing of the past with social media being used to dictate what we can and cannot talk about. Anything that doesn't conform is either wrongly 'fact checked' or removed. Now we can be banned or even imprisoned for voicing our opinions. Whilst we may not be able to stop the current global PLANDEMIC on our own, the team at Vivleo has been working hard behind the scenes to create a better social media platform to help unite the people. We ALL need to feel free to share and discuss openly and freely in groups with like minded people, so Vivleo offers you complete privacy with: - End to End encryption - NO harvesting, storing or selling of data (all browsing history stays on the users device) PLEASE SHARE TO AT LEAST 10 PEOPLE. WE ARE ONE. JOIN THE REVOLUTION! https://vivleo.com/ I have attached some promo videos for the platform so you can see what it's all about! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Don't forget to sign up and share with as many people as possible! We need to boycott all the cabal owned media! Thank you! IMG_20210216_151420_644.mp4 IMG_20210216_134001_502.mp4
  8. I swear the UK already had flouride added to their water?
  9. Not sure as I haven't been to South Africa, but I think SA is a lot more developed than here. Thanks for the ideas, will defo consider doing that.
  10. Hmm, interesting. I didn't know that about Belarus. Not many! Hence why I'm considering flying back to work!
  11. Great! You could share on Instagram and Telegram?
  12. Loool! Oh, makes sense now. Yes, I did realise that, same as in Morocco tbh so I was already aware of this. They can try but they won't be getting anything from me lol
  13. Loool! Oh, makes sense now. Yes, I did realise that, same as in Morocco tbh so I was already aware of this. They can try but they won't be getting anything from me lol
  14. I agree, I think coming back to the UK will be risky however I would only come back if I know I can leave again. I have emailed the airlines about this and will base my decision on that. I can obtain a work letter so getting back out may be viable. I don't think they can introduce jabs to fly just yet, possibly by the end of the year. Thank you!
  15. Hi Eve. Thank you so much for your lovely message, I truly hope so! I believe everything will happen the way it is supposed to. I will keep everyone updated here.
  16. Nope, I only had 2 weeks notice before I left, it was very spontaneous! Anyway, I'm sure things will work out the way they are meant to. Hmm, I don't think that is the case, as there are also other countries who aren't following the script, as will always be the case. Not everyone is controlled.
  17. They literally just write lie after lie. It's honestly pathetic. You're right. But how?
  18. He is the only good leader left. He didn't sign the WHO agreement, he can't be bought out. That article is bs, secret night burials, what a load of crap!
  19. Good question. It's a bit strange here actually. Some parts of the island has really warm water, and some parts of the island the water is cool, not sure why as even parts of the beach 20 mins away from each other are completely different in temperature. So I guess the answer is both.
  20. Exactly. Or just keep running/going where the universe takes me.
  21. I hope businesses do this! They did it in Italy!
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