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  1. Increased sightings to make way for their planned alien invasion.
  2. Well I have nothing to lose by trying so try I will! I work in a field which requires dbs checks etc and relies heavily on reputation so having these pictures which are now all over the Daily Fail and Sun could directly impact me so I will be seeking legal advice on this, even if it does come to nothing, at least I tried. Disagree, I have had over 20 people contact me since yday about seeing my picture on the Daily Fail, old employers, friends and family so tbh a lot of people do still see the articles they post.
  3. Yep, it was a very peaceful event until the po po got involved.
  4. Hey kj, Thank you. We are both fine, just wondering where to go from now as I wish to take it further. Aw bless you! Much love
  5. Hi guys. It was me in the article, they arrested me for literally nothing. I went to the park with my mum, and got separated somehow as there were a lot of people and police. Police singled me out, came over and said I have to leave and go home to which I responded why??? I have the right to be in there just like everyone else in the park. The officer didn't like that, said if I didn't leave I would be fined. I started to walk away and still demanding why, and that I can't leave without my mum and need to locate her first, he then said I would be fined and 10 seconds later had cuffs on my wrists. He used excessive force and purposely hurt me. I have all bruises on my arms and was unlawfully arrested. They said I was arrested for 'breaching direction' LOL. They kept me in a cell for almost 8 hours and said I would be interviewed which never happened. They then released me 'under investigation'. ? I have pics of the bruising on my wrists and arms but it won't let me upload them for some reason, gives me an error - 200. Whatever that means. Anyway, I will be taking this further and making a complaint to the police station due to the bruising they have left me with and unlawful arrest, as well as seeking legal advice in regards to defamation with my picture used on various media websites.
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