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  1. On 9/10/2020 at 12:17 PM, greenheart said:

    How is this going to be able to go ahead? Surely their Intelligence knows it is in the planning, and then the police will see the preparations taking place on site. Are they secretly allowing it to provide an excuse for harsher restrictions?

    I was wondering the same thing. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Nobby Noboddy said:

    Can anyone tell me who is behind StandUpx?


    I saw a picture of Piers Corbyn in their gallery. I'd like to know who the organisers are if possible because it's a bit slick and getting a lot of internet coverage.


    I know some people who are going and want to know they'll be safe.


    I wonder if it's being allowed to herald the second wave.

    I think it is just a group of regular people who arranged it together. I've met them a few times and I don't think there's anything dodgy going on there. Piers Corbyn didn't start Standup nor is he part of the group, he just always goes to the events regardless. You can't really discredit the group because Piers also likes to go to the same events. 

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