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  1. People have already died from this vaccine so not sure it's benign lol.
  2. Are you crazy??? You don't belong here! This is an MRNA vaccine and it alters your dna. Loads of people have already died/suffered severe reactions! Don't you find it ironic to get a rushed, dna altering vaccine that is said to be 95% effective for a virus (that hasn't been isolated) with over a 99% survival rate? You're willing to risk your life and your health? Madness.
  3. Haha! Please do! I am in Zanzibar in Tanzania, it is beautiful. Its definitely not a 1st world country and takes some getting used to but it is free, and there are nice places to enjoy, and the beaches are beautiful.
  4. Hey, I didn't know anyone here, there was one guy from Instagram that I knew was here, who also escaped the madness in UK, but I've made quite a few friends since being here. I will defo make a thread about my move! Nope, the arrest isn't what prompted it, just the knowing of what is going to happen in the UK in a very short amount of time.
  5. What would be the main reason stopping you and your family from leaving? Work?
  6. Yep! It is one of the last safe and sane countries left, no Rothschild bank, no lockdown, no restrictions, no Covid vaccine. The president here doesn't believe in covid, he tested the goat, pawpaw etc to prove it is bs. He didn't sign the WHO agreement. These are the reasons why I chose to come here. It is a big step and I came alone, the rest of my immediate family are in the UK so it is hard but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. Have you thought about leaving the UK? How old are your children?
  7. Hey Brad. Thank you. I haven't been posting much as I left the UK a few months back - before the second lockdown, to move to Tanzania. Back to posting now though! Has Eve not been posting? I'll send her a text to make sure she's OK.
  8. Agree, I've been thinking the same. The whole thing is just too obvious, is this all just a huge distraction?
  9. Wrong. The virus is not real. All people caught was the flu, and called it Covid. If anything else is making people sick, it would be 5g. Covid doesn't exist.
  10. I am in Tanzania right now and got the flu for a few days and felt like shit. Last year in the UK, before all this Covid BS I also had the flu, a very bad flu, probably the worst I've had in my life, took 2 weeks to get better and I'm young and healthy. Everyone gets the flu, most recover quickly and get better after a week or two, some immunocompromised or very elderly people may not and may even die. It is just the flu and everyone is affected differently depending on age, health etc.
  11. Myself and my family have noticed exactly the same thing. Fake roadworks and a lot of road closures too where no cars are allowed through, bicycles only.
  12. Completely agree with everything you said. Thank you.
  13. Also your post makes no sense and is full of contradictions. Did you forget to take your meds?
  14. Yeah right. If you were an all powerful, intelligent Archon you would at least know how to spell and write properly. Are you really that bored/weird that you have to troll a forum pretending to be an Archon? Ffs!
  15. Regardless, the police were way too aggressive and only arrived to cause trouble. Well that's what the protest was about, the vaccines etc, clearly they don't like people spreading that info since they stormed and ruined our peaceful gathering. Yes, I agree... There's paranoid and then there's paranoid Lol I think the word woke has definitely had an upgrade since then or is just used by both lol
  16. Unfortunately I'm in the UK and we don't have any protection
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