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  1. Possibly. And perhaps to see if it would also 'encourage' vaccines as the French had a low 'vax' uptake. I hope they don't allow it...this shit is just becoming way too sinister.
  2. They have officially done it in France. UK will shortly follow. Of course they always intended on this. It is in their agenda21 docs.
  3. What's funny is a lot of airlines were saying that they wouldn't allow recently vaccinated people to fly due to risk of blood clots
  4. Net zero carbon emissions means zero humans.
  5. I am also interested in answers to this...
  6. Didn't Coca Cola used to be made with the Coca plant? Probably still is.
  7. Really? I'm in Nigeria now and have been for the past 3 weeks and it doesn't seem as bad as this guy is implying. Also, his solutions don't sound great.
  8. until

    When will the lynching start?
  9. As a woman, I completely oppose feminism, especially the modern day feminist bs. But what am I supposed to do about it exactly? I'm not ashamed to publically make my views amongst others, and people generally seem to agree. But it isn't us who are pushing this feminazi crap. It's the usual suspects and they will continue to push it regardless of what we do or say, the same as with this scamdemic rubbish.
  10. I love this! Keep us updated x
  11. The thing is, they will actually carry it out, it just isn't going to be actual aliens lol. Haha good idea, I hope you're too old for him!
  12. But its chin is totally different! You can't just grow a big chin lol.
  13. Hmmm this is a possibility. Who knows wth is going on!
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